Watercress Line


Urie Loco Society Blog November’16

16th Nov 2016 in Urie Blogs

In my last report I commented that we had fully riveted the centre casting of 30506 to the new frame sections. This was sort of true as the 2 remaining rows of ...

Wagon Group Report 15 November 2016

15th Nov 2016 in Wagon Group

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday that despite the cold they made good progress on a number of fronts. The workshop PMV S 1851 continues to receive most of the ...

Wagon Group Report 8th November 2016

8th Nov 2016 in Wagon Group

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday ... despite it being misty and damp most of the day they made further progress on the workshop PMV S 1851, and various other jobs. ...

Building Department November Up-Date

7th Nov 2016 in Buildings

At Alton the contractors employed to re-paint the toilet block recently completed their work and the building once again looks very smart and a credit to the scene at Alton ...

Wagon Group Report 25 October 2016

25th Oct 2016 in Wagon Group

With my holidays (again) distrupting volunteering and reports ...a compilation of the past couple of weeks activities at Alton and Medstead.   Starting at Alton about 10 days ago they removed ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang

19th Oct 2016 in Loco Wednesday Gang

Here we are again. Dave arrived sans camera last week and I was off to Yorkshire that evening, so we left our avid readers blogless. Well, my trip north seemed ...

Basingstoke -Medstead Handover

17th Oct 2016 in Buildings

Following the previously recorded saga of the dock crane that has been installed at Medstead a discrete little ceremony has taken place in some pleasant autumn sunshine. The re furbished ...

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