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Wagon Group Report 30th May 2017

30th May 2017 in Wagon Group

Lots of good progress everywhere this week ... starting with Dave V’s report from Medstead on Tuesday, advising that it was a significant one for the SW Tar ...

May 22nd Round Up

22nd May 2017 in

Technical computer problems- not a cyber attack- has delayed the Building Department blog for a couple of weeks but a round up of fairly recent events is included now.   ...

A wet day at Ropley

17th May 2017 in Loco Wednesday Gang

Ropley, 17th May. Crikey, it's weeks since I've been here due to work commitments, but it still LOOKS the same... A few changes await, however.. And it's ...


15th May 2017 in Wagon Group

At Medstead on Tuesday they started by replacing the tarpaulins over the “A” and “AF” containers and removing the bulls head from the cattle wagon in ...

Wagon Group Report 18th April 2017

18th Apr 2017 in Wagon Group

Medstead weather on Tuesday was fine and warm all day. The first job for Ian, Clive D and Richard was transfer of some recently delivered 8in x 4in timbers for ...

Wagon Group Report 11th April 2017

11th Apr 2017 in Wagon Group

Despite the weather they had a good day at Medstead on Tuesday. A few outstanding odd jobs were tackled until the weather improved a bit... filling in around the sleepers ...

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