Watercress Line

Carriage Works

Tally ho!

6th Mar 2015

As usual I find myself thinking it is far too long since I last did a blog, my most sincere apologies! Now that a certain Bulleid pacific has left the ...

Carriage Shop Blog January 2015

13th Jan 2015

Happy New Year! Here we are, back with a bang, and getting ready to complete our two current major projects. First up, Bulleid pacific 34051 "Winston Churchill” is being finished off ...

Carriage Shop Blog 10 November

10th Nov 2014

Ahoy there shipmates! I normally try to do one blog a month, so very sorry for the two months it has been since my last dispatch! Another autumn, another gala, ...

All Change!

12th Sep 2014

Carriage Shop Blog 12 September It has been a month of change in the carriage shop on many fronts! Personnel wise, Oliver "Chief under splodger" Collins and myself (Ali "wood butcher" ...

Up Periscope!

5th Aug 2014

Carriage Shop blog 5 August Ahoy there shipmates! It’s been a while since Her Majesty’s Submarine "Carriage Shop" has been able to surface to exchange information with ...

Altitude sickness!

12th Jun 2014

carriage Shop Blog 12 June The tired but happy crew of the good ship HMS Carriage shop are pleased to report that a major hurdle has been accomplished in the restoration ...

News From The Eastern Front

20th May 2014

Carriage shop dispatches 20 May It’s been a while since my last carrier pigeon giving details of the ongoing battle against the Bulleid coach, up the yard in the "...

Carriage Shop Blog 24 March

24th Mar 2014

What a few weeks! The highlight recently has obviously been the gala. It was a pleasure to speak to so many people who expressed such an interest in what we ...

Carriage Shop Blog 25 February

25th Feb 2014

Ticking things off is the aim of the game at the moment. We’ve had a few extra jobs recently that have meant that progress on the Bulleid coach isn’...

Carriage Shop Blog 15 January

15th Jan 2014

Hello and happy New Year! Things have been heating up in the carriage shop recently, or at least the potential to heat up is on the horizon, as Chris Yates ...

Carriage Shop Blog 18 December

18th Dec 2013

As our minds turn to festivities, I thought there was just about time for one more update from the carriage shed! I should say, if there are any random letter ...

Carriage Shop Blog 26 November

26th Nov 2013

It has been about two months since I wrote my last blog for the carriage shop. In that time rather a lot has gone back on to the Bulleid Brake ...

Corner Pillars

30th Sep 2013

Carriage Shop Blog 30 September During my work here, one of the things people most often ask about is how we make the curved timbers, which are the upright timbers of ...

Carriage Shop Blog 12 September

12th Sep 2013

If you walk in the carriage shop at the moment, you could be forgiven for thinking that something is missing – one end of the carriage! The continued restoration of Bullied ...

Carriage Report July

1st Aug 2013

Bulleid s4211 The restoration of Bulleid brake third s4211 has made some good steps forward since my last blog. The most noticeable difference is the exterior panels that have been ...

Vintage Carriage Report

15th Jul 2013

S4211 It has been quite a while since there has been an update on this coach and during that time substantial progress has been made. Starting from inside the coach ...

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