Watercress Line

Loco Wednesday Gang

A bit of TLC for 80150

23rd Nov 2016

Off to the safe haven of Ropley Home for the Bewildered – an escape back into the 1960s with a proven therapeutic benefit!  Talk over tea and cakes was ...

A Regula(to)r Day at Ropley.

17th Nov 2016

Wednesday 16th November; armistice day has come and gone; the last night of the Proms was ages ago and every damn shop is full of Xmas "goodies"; ah, it's ...

Try a little tenderness; Oh, ‘tis Ropley

3rd Nov 2016

A cold and foggy start to the day as I left Camberley with the car's heated seats to maximum and demister working flat out; Autumn has certainly arrived, though, ...

Who Said Men Can’t Multi-Task?

26th Oct 2016

Well, you get a double dose of blog this week – or two half-blogs. On arrival, it became apparent that many of the staffers were missing for various reasons, so ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang

19th Oct 2016

Here we are again. Dave arrived sans camera last week and I was off to Yorkshire that evening, so we left our avid readers blogless. Well, my trip north seemed ...

Take 2 (of Jacks of all trades)

5th Oct 2016

Wednesday 5th October; yes, I know, I said last week that I wouldn't be here but the gig turned out to be at Belle View, Manchester... A bit to ...

Back From Man-Flu

21st Sep 2016

Back to Ropley after two Wednesdays away with a mild dose of Man-Flu. The white-board list was consulted and off we all traipsed to get on with whatever we fancied. ...

Captain’s log, Stardate 70916.4

8th Sep 2016

Cake famine averted after 2-Jags comes to the rescue as Assistant Scribe Colin goes down with Man Flu. Well after all, I read that this week is the 50th anniversary ...

Another Fine Mess!

31st Aug 2016

One of the hardest bits of writing these blogs is to find a really imaginative title. Someone said something yesterday that would make a truly brilliant title, and I thought &...

Off to a good start!

24th Aug 2016

Well, the day started well – I went up to the pit road to check Cheltenham’s tender springs against the newly acquired drawing. All I could see was ...

A bit of light lifting

17th Aug 2016

By this time next week (God willing), I’ll be 69. As most of our readership are – let’s say – likely to be Saga customers, I’...

Ropley 10th August.

10th Aug 2016

Wednesday 10th August; it's been so long since I did a blog I've forgotten what to do; up-loading the photos, for instance, never seems to work the same ...

In the kingdom of the blind….

3rd Aug 2016

Here we are again, back at the Ropley Home for the Bewildered, with an update on what our geriatric band of volunteers has been up to. First, we have to ...

A Weighing Lesson

20th Jul 2016

After Tuesday’s too-clement weather, the faithful turned up at Ropley expecting the worse, with much evidence of bare legs under boiler suits and additional water supplies.  As ...

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