Watercress Line

Wagon Group

Wagon Group Report 4 October 2016

4th Oct 2016

A fairly quiet day workwise at Medstead on Tuesday, not assisted by rain all day ranging from drizzle to, for a brief spell, hailstones! David E and Keith made an ...

Wagon Group Report 27th September

27th Sep 2016

The Freight train was down at Alresford after the “Open” weekend, so it was a fairly quiet day work wise on Tuesday at Medstead ...... as there were several ...

Wagon Group Report 20 September 2016

20th Sep 2016

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since the last report, due to holidays, but I’m sure not too many people complained ...Wagon workings have however ...

Wagon Group Report 6th September

6th Sep 2016

Another week of good progress all round................   At Medstead on Tuesday, Michael primed the new plywood for above the 'A' container end doors, and Keith fitted it with a ...

Wagon Group Report 30th August 2016

30th Aug 2016

This week turned out to be the hottest of the year, but no doubt in a fairly short while we will be complaining about the cold and damp again...   ...

Wagon Group 20 August 2016

22nd Aug 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday... In very hot working conditions Michael and Paul spent the day sanding down the north side running boards on brake van B 953701. They ...

Wagon Group Report 15th August 2016

15th Aug 2016

Dave V reports of a good day at Medstead on Tuesday. David T completed filling, and primed and undercoated the new section of wood above the town end veranda entrance ...

Wagon Group Report 9th August 2016

9th Aug 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday. They had a pretty wet day, with lots of showers...but welcomed two new members, father and son Michael and Paul Dixon. After ...

Wagon Group Report 2 August 2016

2nd Aug 2016

Ian J reports from Medstead on Tuesday that two of the replacement Oleo buffers were fitted on the country end of B 726064, and one buffer is partly fitted to the ...

Wagon Group Report 26th July 2016

26th Jul 2016

Dave V from Medstead... It seems we are never happy about the weather. After countless weeks of bad weather it was really too hot to be working outside on Tuesday! ...

Wagon Group Report 20th July 2016

20th Jul 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday. Rain pretty much stopped play. It was constant showers, some heavy all day, and they decided on an early finish as it didn'...

Wagon Group Report 12 July 2016

12th Jul 2016

Dave V reports from Tuesday at Medstead. They had a good day. Ian Johnson joined them and completed the two plank B 726064 vacuum pipe. This required the fitting of two ...

Wagon Group Report 6th July 2016

6th Jul 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday. Another good day, helped considerably by having no rain for once! They blitzed the two plank wagon B 726064 with another topcoat of bauxite ...

Wagon Group Report 28 June 2016

28th Jun 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday. They have pretty much gone as far as they can at the moment on the two plank B 726064 - until the replacement buffers ...

Wagon Group Report 20 June 2016

21st Jun 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday...they had a difficult day due to the abysmal weather. It rained most of the day with some torrential downpours. Adrian and Roger ...

Wagon Group Report 16 June 2016

14th Jun 2016

At Medstead on Tuesday the weather was great for a change... On the two plank wagon B 726064 Roger and Brian finished making and fitting the bracket to catch the brake ...

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