Watercress Line

Wagon Group

Wagon Group Report 24th April

24th Apr 2017

At Medstead on Tuesday they had a good day...... On the SW Tar wagon, Ian J and Clive D removed the final big nut from the top of the ...

Wagon Group Report 18th April 2017

18th Apr 2017

Medstead weather on Tuesday was fine and warm all day. The first job for Ian, Clive D and Richard was transfer of some recently delivered 8in x 4in timbers for ...

Wagon Group Report 11th April 2017

11th Apr 2017

Despite the weather they had a good day at Medstead on Tuesday. A few outstanding odd jobs were tackled until the weather improved a bit... filling in around the sleepers ...

Wagon Group Report 28th March 2017

28th Mar 2017

Malcolm reports from Medstead on Tuesday. They then continued on with re-boarding the running (south) side - doorway to Guard’s Compartment of BY S 653. After lunch ...

Wagon Group Report 21st March 2017

21st Mar 2017

The usual steady progress reported on Tuesday at Medstead. All efforts were concentrated on the SW Tar wagon, apart from Ian Johnson doing more work on the woodworking CCT door ...

Wagon Group Report 14th March 2017

17th Mar 2017

At Medstead on Tuesday Dave V reports progress on the usual fronts. David T continued with the south side of the workshop PMV. He has got the PMV into pretty ...

Wagon Group Report 7th March 2017

7th Mar 2017

A day of steady progress at Medstead on Tuesday. Most activity was curtailed shortly after lunch though when they had rain, sleet, high wind and even a few flakes of ...

Wagon Group Report 21st February 2017

21st Feb 2017

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday - a good day. A timber delivery was received, and Ian J and Brian moved the timber down for storage in the woodworking ...

Wagon Group Report 14th February 2017

14th Feb 2017

Tuesday at Medstead Dave V reports they made good progress on the SW Tar wagon No 95. Despite a damp start they had sun for a change, so were able to ...

Wagon Group Report 7th February 2017

7th Feb 2017

It was a wet Tuesday at Medstead ... it rained all day! This somewhat hampered their progress... Brian and Richard, with some help from David T, labelled and sorted our new 4...

Wagon Group Report 31st January 2017

31st Jan 2017

Well it’s been another freezing week again............but plenty of work going on everywhere, as usual.    Dave V at Medstead on Tuesday reports steady progress ........... continuing ...

Wagon Group Report 24th January

24th Jan 2017

Well it’s been a pretty cold week on all the working days, but overall we still had 20+ hardy souls working outside at Alton and Mdstead.   David T ...

Wagon Group Report 5th January 2017

5th Jan 2017

A very Happy New Year to our “reader” or even “readers” if there are more than one ... Christmas may have come and gone for some, but ...

Wagon Group Report 13th December 2016

13th Dec 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday, where most of the day was taken up by working with the P-Way guys (with grateful thanks) to move the spares from the ...


7th Dec 2016

Dave V reports from a cold Medstead on Tuesday that they all made a trip to the lower yard and erected a frame over the remaining wood stock to hold ...

Wagon Group Report 29th November 2016

29th Nov 2016

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday ... that despite the gloomy weather forecast it was no worse than they have come to expect on that day of the week!   ...

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