Watercress Line

Are you keen to go to battle?

If you've downloaded the Pokémon Go app you will be excited to know we have a number of Poké Stops at each of our four stations AND we have two gyms (one at Alresford and one on our Kings Cross Bridge at Ropley) so you can go and fight your Pokémon!

Make the most of your day searching for Pokémon and hop on and off our trains as you explore each station!

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémania is taking the world by storm with the launch of a new, free-to-play mobile game, which uses augmented reality to create a virtual world...  Using GPS and the smartphone’s camera, the game uses geo-tagging to allow you to catch species of Pokémon!

The game requires you to hunt the cheeky creatures by placing a virtual map over the real world allowing you to travel across worlds to discover and catch new species.  To catch the Pokémon you must throw a Pokéball by aiming at it – but be careful, some are very quick and can bounce!


Please note: We are a working railway - make sure you keep safe at all times and that you are sensible.