Watercress Line


Steve Crowther

Chairman (also a Director of MHR Ltd and 34007 Wadebridge Ltd)

Volunteer and Member since 1992, Trustee since 2002, Chairman since 2008.
Station Master at Alresford and a Signalman. Facilitates Comms Group for Volunteers. Developed the strategic planning process and oversees the Volunteer and Heritage strands. [Formerly in Secondary Education as a Head Teacher, Advisor and Governor.]


Derek Simmonds

Deputy Chairman and Can Pac project (also a Director of MHR Ltd.)

Member since 2011, Trustee since 2015.
Managed “Mind the Gap” apprenticeship scheme. Prepared MHR literature.
Runs PTS courses for volunteers and is a Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI). [Formerly a mechanical engineer and a Head of Engineering with ParcelForce.]


Sue Clements

MHRPS Membership secretary

MHRPS Membership secretary since 2006 and Real Ale Train Manager since 2010. Employed by MHR Ltd since 1999, currently as Accounting Manager and Office Manager.


Stephen Evans, OBE

(also Chair of 34007 Wadebridge Ltd)

A long-term member of MHRPS, Trustee since 2018.
[Formerly in the Diplomatic Service and currently delivering training in strategic leadership.]


David Ford

Society Assets (also a Director of 34007 Wadebridge Ltd.)

A long-term volunteer, Trustee since 2013.
Ropley Loco gang member and a Travelling Ticket Inspector (TTI). Supported the development of the miniature railway.

[Formerly in IT as an engineer, sales manager and project manager with ICL and Fujitsu.]

Liam Kenchenten


Volunteer since 2003, Trustee since 2013.
Guard, Shunter and Fireman.
Leading on the review the development of our strategy for achieving our Vision for 2030. [Currently a Continuous Improvement Consultant.]

Rob Latham

Membership (also Chair of Thames Valley Regional Group)

Joined in 1977, Trustee since 2013.
Volunteered in Building Dept., Operations and Catering.
[Formerly in telecommunications for Racal.]

Mike Neep


Volunteer and Member since 2008, Trustee since 2017.
A Guard and a Porter at M&4M; lead the renovation of the Medstead Goods Store. Assisted with “Vision 2030” and lead the introduction of MyDonate for online donations. [Formerly a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and IBM.]


Peter Smith

Trustee since 2018.
[Formerly a Senior Civil Servant, an NHS Finance Director and a Charity CEO.]


John Trigg, MBE

(also Chair of MHR Ltd)

Employed as the MHR Health & Safety Officer.
[Formerly in secondary and further education, covering science and engineering.]


Gregory Watson


Member since 2007, Trustee since 2018.
[Currently runs own businesses which include a radio station dedicated to children. Formerly a Public Member on Network Rail.]