Watercress Line


Wagon Group Report 28th March

28th Mar 2018 in Wagon Group

John D, Dave V, Richard, Chris S and Brian were ready for another day of activity on Tuesday at Medstead.. John and Brian started by finishing off the ...

Wagon Group Report 19th March

20th Mar 2018 in Wagon Group

At Medstead on Tuesday Brian advised it was warm enough to sit outside in the sun for lunch, along with Dave V, Richard, John D, Chris S. John and ...

Jack Frost at Alton

16th Mar 2018 in Buildings

A urgent call was received to say the feed pipe to the water column at Alton station had split in the frosty weather, probably as it was not drained. The ...

Wagon Group Report 13th March

13th Mar 2018 in Wagon Group

Well with the so called first few days of "Spring" we all decided it was a bit more pleasant to stay at home that week! So it was good to ...

Wagon Group Report 27th February

28th Feb 2018 in Wagon Group

Brian reports a very cold wind at Medstead on Tuesday. The following braved the cold. Richard, John D, Clive,Rob, Dave V. Old Dave, Chris S and Brian. Dave ...

Wagon Group Report 20th February

22nd Feb 2018 in Wagon Group

Not a good start to the day with on Tuesday, with sleet and lots of rain at Medstead. Plans to sheet over one of the vintage carriage bodies at Alresford ...

A Bridge Not Too Far

16th Feb 2018 in Buildings

15 Feb   One of the Departments’ major schemes for this year is the re-boarding and re-painting of the footbridge at Ropley. This bridge was originally brought to the Railway ...

Wagon Group Report 14th February

14th Feb 2018 in Wagon Group

On Tuesday at Medstead Malcolm and Chris spent a lot of the morning getting the workshop CCT door to close – very cold work with the door open! This ...

Wagon Group Report 6th February

6th Feb 2018 in

A bright and sunny Tuesday at Medstead welcomed, Dave V, Richard, John D, Kevin, Keith, Chris S, Brian, and Rob a little later on. First job was to find ...

Wagon Group Report 30th January

30th Jan 2018 in Wagon Group

Well it's been a cold, blustery and wet week in Hampshire, which has restricted our numbers and activities somewhat. A typical winters day greeted the team at Medstead on ...

Wagon Group Report 23rd January

24th Jan 2018 in Wagon Group

Well after a couple of weeks holiday in warmer climes it's a bit of a compilation of reports from Medstead and Alton and trying to precis bits together.   ...

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