Watercress Line


Alton Station Update

20th Jun 2019 in Buildings

It's been a couple of weeks since we last updated upon the activities taking place at Alton Station and it's been a very busy few weeks at that. ...

Building Department Blessed

7th Jun 2019 in Buildings

5 June The Alton water tank refurbishment has been blessed with good weather from the start, so no time has been lost to rain. Sunday and mid-week teams from the Building ...


23rd May 2019 in Wagon Group

Brian was away this week, so a report from John D from a lovely sunny Tuesday morning at Medstead, along with Kevin,Tim, Richard, Ian J, Keith O. Chris P, ...

Tanks for the memory

13th May 2019 in Buildings

8 May A large job that has been on the work schedule for some time- along with a few others- is the refurbishment of the balloon water tank at Alton. Although ...


9th May 2019 in Wagon Group

Brian reports from Medstead on Tuesday, with seven in attendance. Entrance to Medstead was a bit of a nightmare first thing, as a very large Arctic lorry was present ...

Alton Updates

9th May 2019 in Buildings

Alton Water Tower In the last blog we made reference to the next big job at Alton which is the refurbishment of the water tower. Work has now started and ...

So that’s settled then

3rd Apr 2019 in Buildings

3 April The landscaping of the platform area outside the Education Room at Ropley station has now been completed in respect of the laying of setts. A feature of several dividing ...

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