Watercress Line


Building Department Blessed

7th Jun 2019

5 June The Alton water tank refurbishment has been blessed with good weather from the start, so no time has been lost to rain. Sunday and mid-week teams from the Building ...

Tanks for the memory

13th May 2019

8 May A large job that has been on the work schedule for some time- along with a few others- is the refurbishment of the balloon water tank at Alton. Although ...

Alton Updates

9th May 2019

Alton Water Tower In the last blog we made reference to the next big job at Alton which is the refurbishment of the water tower. Work has now started and ...

So that’s settled then

3rd Apr 2019

3 April The landscaping of the platform area outside the Education Room at Ropley station has now been completed in respect of the laying of setts. A feature of several dividing ...

More power to your elbow

11th Mar 2019

4 March An important job that has been on the work schedule for quite a while is an up-grade to the electrical power system in the station building at Alresford. The ...

Winter works progress

15th Feb 2019

8 Feb The Christmas and early New Year period saw a few of us assisting the S&T Department with the installation of signalling equipment at Medstead, ready for the ...

Rounding off the year

3rd Jan 2019

1 Jan. At Alresford, following the installation of the new bench seat and some other items in the West Country Buffet it was decided to apply a new washable coat of ...

But no butts.

27th Nov 2018

The water butt plinth at Medstead station was completed and the mortar set for the return of the water butt ready to collect this winters rain. The butt was completely ...

Autumn odds and ends

9th Nov 2018

5 Nov At Medstead, now the dock has been cleared, fence painted and ‘crate’ installed around the old tank, this area is now fully ready for visitor access during ...

A Tale of Two Sheds

22nd Oct 2018

15 Oct It was the best of times it was the worst of…. no that’s a Tale of Two Cities, this is about two sheds. Reasonably good autumnal ...

Crate expectations

24th Sep 2018

13 September The ‘crate’ on the dock at Medstead station was completed just in time to host a private corporate event held on the Railway. The piece nicely ...

In the heat

15th Aug 2018

15 August Well the hot sunny weather seemed to go on and on. All very good for getting to outside jobs but a little limiting on productivity. Frequent cooling down breaks ...

A Pain In The Roof

16th Jul 2018

July The Peter Pretious memorial bench was finally completed at the workshop at Medstead and the remembrance plaque attached. The assembled unit was taken by a gang by train to ...

Clock Movement

2nd Jul 2018

The two faced platform clock, originally from Aldershot station, that we erected on the waiting shelter at Ropley has been a bit poorly recently. The slave drive from the main ...

Building Department have no stile

16th May 2018

With the able assistance of our friends in PWay we took to site the various components for the kissing gate for the upside of the foot crossing at Northside Lane. ...

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