Watercress Line


Building Department Season change

26th Sep 2017

Well autumn looms yet again, leaves on the line and all that. The Building Department seamlessly moves on to other tasks season to season - well we think so, although ...

30th August Footsteps to Medstead

30th Aug 2017

At last we have got to grips with the concreting of the new steps to the lower yard at Medstead. Of course this coincided with the period when the weather ...

S&T and BD become PWay

7th Aug 2017

7 August,  S&T and BD become PWay   The other Sunday there we were settling down to a regular day of workshop jobs, and some tasks that ...

Buildings Catch Up

17th Jul 2017

The War on the Line event in June and the End of Steam Galas in July saw Building Department work mainly confined to the workshop. Cast iron signs were being ...

7th June

7th Jun 2017

At Ropley we have finally installed the Sponsored by Heritage Lottery sign on the outside of the carriage/boiler shop shed that we received following the grant to build the ...

Springing into Action

3rd Apr 2017

The Building Department fencing team have drawn swords and sprung into action  again with the onset of some better weather, and whilst the ground is still soft, in order ...

Distemper outbreak at Alresford

14th Mar 2017

At Alresford we have recently put up the second replica Halls Distemper sign in memory of MHR stalwart  Jim Pitt. The firm were originally known as Sissons and the ...

New lamps for old

14th Feb 2017

We now have had another couple of original railway lamps donated to the Railway, and thanks for those to the donors. We haven’t as yet got detailed plans ...

New version of Frozen

23rd Jan 2017

Whilst Disney is good and the recent film Frozen has been very popular with children we at the Railway we can also produce some  entertaining winter scene effects. The ...

Piped aboard

28th Nov 2016

A non-running season job that has been planned for some time is the replacement of the water pipe feeding to the signal box at Ropley. An old galvanised pipe led ...

Building Department November Up-Date

7th Nov 2016

At Alton the contractors employed to re-paint the toilet block recently completed their work and the building once again looks very smart and a credit to the scene at Alton ...

Basingstoke -Medstead Handover

17th Oct 2016

Following the previously recorded saga of the dock crane that has been installed at Medstead a discrete little ceremony has taken place in some pleasant autumn sunshine. The re furbished ...

Summer has passed

22nd Sep 2016

Well Autumn loomed all too quickly but it seems that summer didn’t pass without a fight and we have done quite well  with the weather on our ...

Hanging gardens of Medstead

19th Aug 2016

We have a had a little departure from the normal activities of the Building Department recently to assist the S&T Department to start work on a new colour ...

July miscellany

22nd Jul 2016

The replacement shop door for Ropley has now been treated and painted in the workshop ready to be taken to the station for hanging. So a nice dry day is ...

Finishing and starting

21st Jun 2016

At the Halls Distemper sign site at Ropley we have moved the installation along further and finished  the landscaping aspect of the job by levelling the embankment surface and ...

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