Watercress Line


Basingstoke -Medstead Handover

17th Oct 2016

Following the previously recorded saga of the dock crane that has been installed at Medstead a discrete little ceremony has taken place in some pleasant autumn sunshine. The re furbished ...

Summer has passed

22nd Sep 2016

Well Autumn loomed all too quickly but it seems that summer didn’t pass without a fight and we have done quite well  with the weather on our ...

Hanging gardens of Medstead

19th Aug 2016

We have a had a little departure from the normal activities of the Building Department recently to assist the S&T Department to start work on a new colour ...

July miscellany

22nd Jul 2016

The replacement shop door for Ropley has now been treated and painted in the workshop ready to be taken to the station for hanging. So a nice dry day is ...

Finishing and starting

21st Jun 2016

At the Halls Distemper sign site at Ropley we have moved the installation along further and finished  the landscaping aspect of the job by levelling the embankment surface and ...

Paths, doors, signs, tanks, benches…

1st Jun 2016

Recently some of the chaps in the Building Department have been undertaking some tasks in support of the re-signalling scheme at Medstead station They have laid a path base of ...

On the Bench

13th May 2016

Building Department teams who attend on various days have each had a few players on the bench in the last few weeks, and but this hasn’t stopped them ...

Building Department gated

25th Apr 2016

This is a term normally associated with naughty boys as a punishment not being permitted to leave school premises, normally related to boarding schools. However, although most of us may ...

Building Department get board

11th Apr 2016

At Ropley the re-boarding of the under canopy has been completed following the replacement of the surface covering. Very little replacement of support timbers was required fortunately and it now ...

Building Department jibberish

10th Mar 2016

At Medstead the crane mechanism has now been safely lifted and placed on the base pintel. This delicate operation was achieved without mishap, for an awkward piece of kit, and ...

Let there be light

3rd Mar 2016

A kindly and much welcome donation of an original barley twist gas lamp post has made possible a long-standing idea of replacing the light previously positioned on the cattle dock ...

New Water Feature for Medstead

3rd Feb 2016

The installation of the dock crane pintel at Medstead has temporarily created a new water feature at the country end of the up-platform side. The recent rain has enabled the ...

Crane evolutions

9th Nov 2015

One of the key manoeuvres in erecting the dock crane at Medstead has taken place, albeit with a bit of trepidation- always an ingredient in this sort of thing. The ...

Building Department re-build engine

27th Oct 2015

It's not just our friends at the loco works three miles down the track at Ropley that rebuild engines, Oh no. At the Building Department workshop at M&...

Let there be light

28th Sep 2015

Well, autumn is well under way but August felt a bit like that already and we have had a little disruption to outside jobs due to rain but fortunately not ...

Waterworks Trouble!

17th Aug 2015

We’ve had a little waterworks trouble in the Department, it’s an age thing they say. In our case it was the tank for the loco watering ...

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