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Carriage Works

So near, yet so far

27th May 2016

May 2016 update from the Watercress Line's carriage shop, Ropley

Chocks away!

30th Mar 2016

March 2016 update from the carriage shed

Carriage shop news!

10th Nov 2015

An update from the carriage shop from October to early November 2015

Carriage shop blog

17th Sep 2015

Bulleid 4211 and BR MK1 carriage 4910 Update - 14th September 2015

Braking News!

6th Aug 2015

Bulleid brake coach 4211 nearly ready for service

The final push!

15th Jun 2015

The carriage shop has been a very busy place recently; we are in a really exciting phase of the restoration of Bulleid brake 4211. As you will see from the accompanying photos, we have had one of the big mobile steam generators that ...

Take a seat!

27th Apr 2015

As the name suggests, we have been playing with seats quite a lot recently, but I want to start with a short tale of the natural world coming into the carriage shop. While working on the doors of Bulleid brake s4211, I ...

Tally ho!

6th Mar 2015

As usual I find myself thinking it is far too long since I last did a blog, my most sincere apologies! Now that a certain Bulleid pacific has left the building, we have been really stuck in to the carriages designed by ...

Carriage Shop Blog January 2015

13th Jan 2015

Happy New Year! Here we are, back with a bang, and getting ready to complete our two current major projects. First up, Bulleid pacific 34051 "Winston Churchill” is being finished off as we speak. It should be going up to York in the ...

Carriage Shop Blog 10 November

10th Nov 2014

Ahoy there shipmates! I normally try to do one blog a month, so very sorry for the two months it has been since my last dispatch! Another autumn, another gala, and what a cracker it was too. I think we have a ...