Watercress Line

Loco Wednesday Gang

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - Picnics are back!

15th Mar 2017

Our reader will be reassured to know that my domestic situation continues to be chaotic – the kitchen is still not complete and we have the added complication of a ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - 1st March 2017

1st Mar 2017

Our reader will be reassured to know that the slow procession of tradesmen through our kitchen continues – it seems that progress is inversely proportional to our tea-bag bill. I&...

Wednesday Loco Blog 1st Feb 2017

8th Feb 2017

Did you know on this day in 1949, RCA released the first ever single 45rpm record, remember them? For our young reader, Master Trellis of North Wales, these were small round ...

Ropley Removals at your service…

8th Feb 2017

Wednesday 8th February; where is the year going? Mind you, rushing headlong toward longer days and better weather is fine in my book; it's not quite light yet as ...

Santa’s Mystery Present

11th Jan 2017

Everyone was back to normal this week, having recovered from Christmas excesses and the lurgies that seem to upsurge during the festivities. So we sat down to a slice of ...

Ropley 30th November 2016

30th Nov 2016

06-40; my alarm is going off but it's still dark outside so I can't see just how frosty it is out there.. 40 minutes later I step into my ...

A bit of TLC for 80150

23rd Nov 2016

Off to the safe haven of Ropley Home for the Bewildered – an escape back into the 1960s with a proven therapeutic benefit!  Talk over tea and cakes was ...

A Regula(to)r Day at Ropley.

17th Nov 2016

Wednesday 16th November; armistice day has come and gone; the last night of the Proms was ages ago and every damn shop is full of Xmas "goodies"; ah, it's ...

Try a little tenderness; Oh, ‘tis Ropley

3rd Nov 2016

A cold and foggy start to the day as I left Camberley with the car's heated seats to maximum and demister working flat out; Autumn has certainly arrived, though, ...

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