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Loco Wednesday Gang

A Sleep(er) on the Job

30th Jun 2017

Well Mid-Summer day has come and gone, with the Solstice being the hottest day of the year so far; I was working in an air-conditioned truck at Royal Ascot and it was even hot there! Predictably though, on my first visit to ...

Chasing the Blues Away 7th June

12th Jun 2017

Having been away last week in Madeira I was surprised to find that first of all it was my turn to do the Blog, no Camera, and secondly the Tender Team were still Bluing and Scraping Bearings, and thirdly the sun was ...

A wet day at Ropley

17th May 2017

Ropley, 17th May. Crikey, it's weeks since I've been here due to work commitments, but it still LOOKS the same... A few changes await, however.. And it's raining! As I run towards the warm dry comfort of our "mess" ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - Happy Smiley Faces at Ropley

29th Mar 2017

Not that I normally need any excuses, but I did have the perfect excuse for bunking off at lunchtime today as I just flew in from Australia very early Tuesday morning so my ancient body clock was totally out of kilter meaning ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - It’s the Ides of March again!

22nd Mar 2017

First the important news – I have a house full of kitchen fitters and heating engineers.  A glance at the calendar reminds me that it will soon be the Ides of March according to the pre-1752 calendar (Rome decreed that we ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - Picnics are back!

15th Mar 2017

Our reader will be reassured to know that my domestic situation continues to be chaotic – the kitchen is still not complete and we have the added complication of a leaking pipe elsewhere in the house that left a trail of things ...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - 1st March 2017

1st Mar 2017

Our reader will be reassured to know that the slow procession of tradesmen through our kitchen continues – it seems that progress is inversely proportional to our tea-bag bill. I’m sure it will be completed before 80150 gets overhauled, but I&...

Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - A Safe Haven from Home

15th Feb 2017

Well dear reader, we often refer to Ropley as being mildly chaotic but we appear to have done it an injustice - at least in relative terms.  For the last 4 weeks I’ve lived through a kitchen re-fit at home, ...