Watercress Line

Miniature Railway End of Season Report

20th Nov 2017

We have just reached the end of our 3rd operating season at the Miniature Railway, although it doesn’t seem like 3 years since we first started operations at our ...


6th Feb 2017

Since the end of the 2016 operating season we have started several projects.   Firstly we have our new replacement coaches well under way. These were originally two, redundant, 3 car articulated ...

Miniature Railway Summer Activities

21st Aug 2016

Work has been continuing on several fronts at the Miniature Railway during the summer. The new coach frames are nearing completion and two of the four bogies have been rebuilt ...

Digging Around

15th Apr 2016

This report details the work undertaken to provide a route for a power cable to our Container located at the remote end of the Miniature Railway. With the ...

Miniature Railway Winter Activities

8th Apr 2016

This is a précis of the works have been undertaken through the winter:  Patricia  Changed the Engine Oil, Air and Oil Filters.  Greased all ...

Miniature Railway End of Term Report

10th Nov 2015

Following on from the very successful August Thomas event we have been running every Saturday, as we have throughout the season since April. We have also opened the Railway for ...

Miniature Railway Report

20th Aug 2015

We had hoped to get our second platform ready for the August DOWT event but the weather and other priorities conspired against us. None the less we completed the platform ...

War on the Miniature Line

22nd Jun 2015

For the War on the Line event we decorated some of the recently constructed fencing at Ropley High Level station with various posters with a theme of “Railways at ...

Miniature Railway Report 31 January

31st Jan 2015

Hi all, I’ll start by introducing myself, I’m Andrew and I have been helping out for nearly 5 years and I thought it was time to give ...

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