Watercress Line

Wagon Group


20th Aug 2018

Dave V reports from a hot Medstead on Tuesday that at last some of the scaffolding is up (south side) of the Mark 1 coach S 34947 and they were ...


8th Aug 2018

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday that they had an interesting day. They welcomed a younger (?) and enthusiastic member from Alton (CLC), ably assisted by Brian and Dave. First ...

Wagon Group Report 1st August

1st Aug 2018

A very hot Medstead on Tuesday, for Dave V et al, and accordingly progress was slow with lots of rest breaks... Brian and Chris did some testing at ...

Wagon Group Report 10th July

10th Jul 2018

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday that with a good turn out they made progress. John D and Hamish oiled the freight train in Bennetts. This ...

Wagon Group Report 5th July

5th Jul 2018

Dave V reports from a very hot Medstead on Tuesday that they made steady progress on three jobs in hand.  Chris S managed to finish the edging ...

Wagon Group Report 26th June

26th Jun 2018

Dave V reports that they had a good day on Tuesday at Medstead, with quite a good turnout. Light drizzle in the morning, despite the forecast, but this ...

Wagon Group Report 19th June

20th Jun 2018

Dave V reports a sunny Medstead on Tuesday and steady progress was made on BY S 653. The task of removing the heavy duty cover and replacing it with ...

Wagon Group Report 12th June

12th Jun 2018

It was only slightly damp on Tuesday morning at Medstead for Brian, John D, Kevin, Chris and Malcolm. Gordon from the Ropley C&W Shed kindly came up ...

Wagon Group Report 6th June

6th Jun 2018

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday, that the more accustomed wet weather routines were back in place ... as it rained most of the day!  Chris S, ...

Wagon Group Report 29th May

29th May 2018

Dave V reports from a sunny Medstead on Tuesday with good progress on a number of fronts. Dave, Brian, Richard and John D busied themselves with putting ...

Wagon Group Report 22nd May

22nd May 2018

Brian reports from Medstead on Tuesday. The weather was great, but as Keith has hurt his back they were reduced to Richard, Chris S and himself that day.&...

Wagon Group Report 15th May

15th May 2018

The good weekend weather continued into Tuesday for John D, Richard, Keith and Brian at Medstead. John and Brian started the day completing by the work on the ...

Wagon Group Report 8th May

9th May 2018

A bright and sunny day to greet them at Medstead on Tuesday, with Richard, Chris S, David V, Old Dave and Brian. As Chris was back they returned to ...

Wagon Group Report 30th April

30th Apr 2018

Well over the past couple of weeks we seemed to have lurched from mid April heatwave and back to early spring. Hopefully some warmer and drier weather will arrive soon!&...

Wagon Group Report 17th April

17th Apr 2018

Well with Thomas week, or even 10 days, over Easter many of us were helping out there and wagon works at Alton and Medstead were accordingly scaled down. Last week however ...

Wagon Group Report 3rd April

3rd Apr 2018

Brian reports from Medstead on Tuesday, along with Dave V, Chris S, John. D, and Keith. Dave and Chris continued working on the same cattle van cupboard door from ...

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