Watercress Line

Wagon Group

Wagon Group Report 21st November

21st Nov 2017

Brian reports from Medstead on Tuesday. A lot warmer than the day before. John D, Kevin, Richard and Brian, with Rob arriving at tea time, complete with his ...

Wagon Group Report 14th November

14th Nov 2017

Well it's been a couple of weeks since the last report, due to holidays, so a bit of a compilation of recent works. Up at Medstead on a Tuesday ...

Wagon Group Report 24th October

25th Oct 2017

Work commenced quite quickly on Tuesday morning at Medstead as they started with John D, Rob, Richard and Brian. Brian hoped that with a bit of luck they&...

Wagon Group Report 17th October

17th Oct 2017

A dry day welcomed them at Medstead on Tuesday morning, if not a bit chilly!  From the list DV had provided John D, Kevin and Richard set to work ...

Wagon Group Report 10th October

11th Oct 2017

Dave V reports from Medstead they had a good day on Tuesday. Keith and Dave continued with the third dummy end timber for the SW Tar wagon, with Dave then ...

Wagon Group Report 3rd October

4th Oct 2017

At Medstead on Tuesday Dave Vella reports good progress … Richard completed cleaning and priming another two sections on the south side of the woodworking CCT S 1768, and Brian painted ...

Wagon Group Report 19th September

19th Sep 2017

At Medstead on Tuesday John D, Richard and Dave V removed tarpaulins from the white AF container and the Fergie tractor in Bennetts siding, ready for the freight running on ...

Wagon Group Report 13th September

13th Sep 2017

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday that … there is not a lot to say this week! With drizzle most of the day, turning to heavier rain after ...

Wagon Group Report 4th September

4th Sep 2017

Dave V reports from Medstead they had a good day again on Tuesday. Clive D and Richard applied the first top coat of green gloss paint to the south side ...

Wagon Group Report 15th August

15th Aug 2017

A drizzly day on Tuesday at Medstead, but they managed to get some things done………..   Richard, Kevin and John D were lucky to get jobs in ...

Wagon Group Report 9th August

9th Aug 2017

Dave V reports they made the usual steady progress on Tuesday at Medstead. Following the Freight running weekend Dave, Chris S, Kevin and Richard put the sheets back over the &...

Wagon Group Report 1st August

1st Aug 2017

They had a good day at Medstead on Tuesday. John D completed undercoating the south side of the workshop PMV, and fitted the bull’s head into the cattle ...

Wagon Group Report 24th July 2017

24th Jul 2017

It was a red letter day (or rather a red solebar day) at Medstead on Tuesday, Dave Vella advises..   Clive D and Brian applied red topcoat to the SW ...

Wagon Group Report 17th July

17th Jul 2017

Dave V reports from Medstead last Tuesday that they had a slightly non productive day, with drizzling rain. Dave and Kevin took the opportunity to take the train to Alton ...

Wagon Group Report 26th June 2017

26th Jun 2017

Dave V reports from a hot Medstead on Tuesday they continue making good progress on the SW Tar wagon. Keith continued with the end timbers for the town end, ...

Wagon Group Report 19th June 2017

20th Jun 2017

The highlight of Tuesday at Medstead was undoubtedly the loading of the Fergie tractor onto the two plank wagon B 726064. The crane grab load was first moved from this wagon ...

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