Watercress Line

A wet day at Ropley

Ropley, 17th May.

Crikey, it's weeks since I've been here due to work commitments, but it still LOOKS the same... A few changes await, however..
And it's raining! As I run towards the warm dry comfort of our "mess" to catch up on the gossip over our first cuppa, I wonder if any jobs await in the dry! The short answer seems to be no, though all the main players that offer us work seem to be catching up themselves as Mark, for one, has been away on leave. So we wander down to the workshop to carry on watching the rain. Outside though, the 9F still need greasing and pits still need emptying though I did decline the kind offer of climbing up on the roof to remove leaves..
The Bullied tender chassis is almost ready to receive it's wheels after a couple more coats of paint, overseen by Ollie. The wheels are brand new, though they have been in the yard for ages so Iain was detailed to fire up the forklift and move S15 conrods, (lovingly placed on a suitable pallet by several of us warning each other of trapped fingers and strained backs) out of the way so that said wheelsets could be brought in in readiness.
Meanwhile, Les and his bogie men have started on CanPac bogies seemingly duplicating the work they've been doing for months a little further up the workshop. It's all about stripping, cleaning and measuring at the moment so many happy weeks lay ahead on that project.
More excitement lay outside as Stuart realising that he'd driven most of the way in with a flat tyre set about changing the wheel in the pouring rain. Nuts undone, the thing wouldn't budge so assistance was called for (me!) Nothing that a crow bar (whilst he wasn't looking) didn't sort out... 
Back to the main workshop and little huddles were still watching the rain and deciding what to do next, so I actually bailed out early to visit my ancient Mother.. So a rather (mercifully) short blog this week I'm afraid; I promise I'll do better next time..

So that's it from your Ropley Scribe.


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