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17 November – Signal Engineering Report

Yet another milestone in the history of the Mid Hants was achieved at 14.45 hrs on Sunday 16th November 2014 when the final stage of the "fringe” signalling interface with Network Rail at Alton was commissioned.
The new interface sees the MHR relay interlocking signalling system talking direct with the Network Rail SSI (Solid State Interlocking) system that is used between Woking and Alton. This provides the facility to signal trains between the MHR and Network Rail via platform 2 and replaces the old method of operation that relied on voice communication with the Network Rail signaller at Farnham, and more recently Woking, and the use of handsignals to authorise movements between our two railways.

All movements across the boundary will now be made by MHR Alton signalmen and the Network Rail signaller at Woking Area Signalling Centre. 

The infamous white gate that has denoted the boundary between our railways since we extended our train services to Alton in 1985 has been ceremoniously removed and replaced with a ground level anti-trespass guard.

Whilst many people have been involved with the work leading up to the commissioning, special thanks must go to both John Webb, who has been in the forefront of the design work of behalf of the MHR, and our department "boss” Pat Butler, who once again has led his team with his usual drive and enthusiasm.             

Rod Wicks
MHR Signal Engineering Dept.  

Photo gallery

  • Route set and cleared for platform 2 during final testing.

  • The infamous white gate... going, going...

  • ...gone!