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Alton Station Update

Alton Water Tower

The water tower at Alton is now complete with a fresh coat of paint and for the first time a lid, which will help keep it clean and clear of sludge.

Whilst the scaffolding is still up you can get a glimpse of the finished article in the attached pictures.

A big thank you has to go out  to the Building Department and members of the Alton & Ropley Station Team who have made this possible.

Paper Mill Lane Bridge

We've just finished painting the inside of the bridge which is visible from Platform 3 and it's now in the same glossy grey as the water tower which sits next to it.

Lineside Cabinets

There are a number of these on or in sight of the platform and as you'll see, they too are now sporting a new coat of grey paint.

Other Activities

The main areas of painting is now focused upon the railings, poster boards, doors, stools and litter bins and all are progressing at a good pace.

A slightly bigger job, which Paul is tackling, is the country end of the toilet block, as you'll see in the picture.

Hopefully it will not be too long before everyone will be able to travel to Alton and see the great work which has been going on.

This great work can only continue with support and we're still looking for a few volunteers who would like to support us through the setting up of a small site care team, as our other stations have.

This would include painting, general maintenance and vegetation management, so something for everyone and if this sounds like you, then please contact Dave Josey via email - djosey@hotmail.co.uk.

One More Bridge

Lastly, it's not just Butts and Paper Mill Lane Bridges which are the feature of attention at Alton. 

The closure has also afforded us the opportunity to make repairs to Mount Pleasant Road Bridge and as you'll see from the attached pictures, that requires a lot of scaffolding.

Photo gallery