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Alton Station Update

The weather is now rather against us when it comes to outdoor painting but there's plenty of other jobs that we can be getting on with.

One of these is the clearance of vegetation and as you'll see in a couple of the pictures below the embankment alongside the main station siding and the headshunt have both seen the vegetation cut back.

There's plenty of other jobs which can be undertaken indoors and these include the painting of the platform scales, trolleys and ready for when we reopen, the refurbishment of three train tail lamps.

These have been in storage for a long time and believe it or not, have never ever been used.

Lastly, it's not just the Station Team and Building Department who have been busy at Alton during the closed period, the Signal and Telegraph Department have been making preparations to motorise the cross over points which connect us to Network Rail.

Currently, when a movement is required between the Watercress Line and the Main Line the points are manually changed using a small knee frame which is pictured below.

This will shortly be disappearing with the points being motorised and controlled directly from the signalbox.

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