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Alton Station Updated

With the line between Alton and Medstead & Fourmarks Stations remaining closed, work at Alton Station has continued to focus upon much needed maintenance ahead of us again welcoming our passengers.

Alton is a gateway to our railway and so it's vitally important that the first impression that our visitors get is positive.

The weekend of 07 and 08 September saw a working weekend at the station and many colleagues came together to help complete tasks which we need to finish before the weather starts to make it more difficult, especially the outdoor painting.

Whilst we've been having a working weekend per month, colleagues are often at the station in between continuing with the great work.

So what's been happening since we last updated you?

Water Tower - this is now complete and the scaffolding has been removed so now you can see it in all its glory.

You'll have read the Building Department updates too and seen that it now has a water gauge, which you'll see in the picture below.

This renovation has been a great collaboration between the Station Team and the Building Department and its looking absolutely fabulous.

Poster Boards - the last of the poster boards have been stripped back and are being prepared for their new period posters which are ready to be erected just as soon as we've finished the top coating.

Running In Boards - these are the large station name boards which appear at the ends of platforms. The Building Department have completely refurnished the London end board and this has now been re-erected as you'll see from the picture below.

The station team have completed the country end board.

The chap in the picture with the board is preparing the platform edging for a fresh coat of white paint. This is a rather time consuming job, getting all the old loose paint off before applying two coats of brilliant white.

The Building Department have also made a great looking cupboard to keep the train watering hose in and it's all these things that help make the station look tidy.

Other Painting - it's often the small things that make the difference and in the pictures below you'll seen that rail ends have a nice new coat of white, this helps them stand out in all weathers so that colleagues working on the track can see them more easily.

Telephone and train dispatch equipment has been repainted, as has the station siding point leaver and platform scales.

An ongoing job for our painters is that of the railings, a challenging job, but very rewarding when it's complete.

Papermill Lane Bridge - since we last updated upon here, the inside of Paper Mill Lane Bridge has also now been completed.

Vegetation - it never ceases to amaze us at just how quickly Mother Nature takes over.

With no access to the normal facilities of weedkilling and flailing the station area has been resembling a jungle, with many weeds, grasses and small saplings, some of which are already over a foot high.

For those who are authorised to venture out along the track bed towards Butts, it becomes even more apparent at just how quickly the vegetation takes a hold when no one can get to it and it would not take long for complete coverage to immerse everything

We're doing our bit in the station, cutting back in the Head Shunt, weeding the platform lines, by hand, and strimming sidings and embankments.

We hope that you find these updates of interest and we're always looking for help to support the continuation of this great work.

When the station reopens to passengers it will be more of a challenge to keep on top of the maintenance as many of those who are supporting this at the moment would normally be staffing the station platform.

So, if you can spare anytime and fancy getting involved, whether that be painting, gardening or general maintenance, then please contact Dave Josey, via email djosey@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you.

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