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Alton Station Updates

With just a few weeks to go before the start of the 2020 season attention at Alton has turned to getting the station ready to welcome our customers for the first time in over a year.

There's much to do, not just around the station itself, but the track, signalling and lineside also require a lot of attention.

The rails in particular are coated in a lot of rust and it's important that this is clear before we start running trains as it can cause issues with the track circuit equipment and also locomotive slipping, which damages rails and the engines themselves.

As you'll see from the pictures below the Class 47 has already been to Alton for stock movement and initial testing of the signalling and track circuit systems.

We’ve also seen the Class 20 at the station with an engineer’s train, clearing up and removing equipment which has recently be decommissioned by the Signal & Telegraph Department.

The lineside from Medstead right down and into Alton is being tidied up by the Permanent Way Department and this involves an intense amount of vegetation clearance and flailing which has now reached the Alton Station side of Butts Junction towards Mount Pleasant Road bridge.

Around the station the focus is very much on tidying, cleaning and final preparation as you’ll see in some of the pictures where we're tidying the platforms, finishing notice boards, supporting the railway shop team with preparation and then the cleaning of everything.

Two projects which we've had on the go for much of the time that the station has been closed have also drawn to conclusion.

All of the station notice boards are now sporting their new period posters and so a big thank you to everyone who spent time cleaning back and painting the boards and to Mark Walden for arranging the replacement posters.

Also, we've been working on the repainting of the Information Kiosk so that it now resembles a period WH Smith Kiosk and as you'll see from the pictures it's looking great, especially now that it's also recievd it's the new period lettering. A big thank you has to go out to Paul from the station team and John from the Building Department who have done an amazing job.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those from the Alton and Ropley Station Team who’ve supported the maintenance activities at Alton since last January.

Also, and by no means least, the Building Department without whom much of what’s happened would not have been possible and in particular I’m thinking about the Water Tower which was a huge job and a great example of collaboration.

There are many people outside of these two teams who have also supported and so we extend our sincere thanks to you all.

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