Watercress Line

Alton Updates

Alton Water Tower

In the last blog we made reference to the next big job at Alton which is the refurbishment of the water tower.

Work has now started and as you'll see from the attached and very rare view of the inside of the tank, some of the preparation work is quite advanced.

The Building Department have been doing an excellent job and one which has also been very dirty. The tank does not have a lid, although it will do in the near future, and so they've had to remove weeds, sludge, scale and a large amount of rust, but that's now complete and the job of applying rust inhibitor and paint can now commence.

The outside of the tank, pipework and column received a lot of attention on Saturday with much of the loose paint and rust being removed in readiness for painting.

Alton Station Maintenance

The painting and maintenance continues very well around the station and since writing the last blog we've moved into the final painting stages of the eighth and last platform bench.

Top coat paint is now being applied to the shop and Station Master's office doors and as you'll see great progress has been made with the poster boards.

One of our more challenging and time consuming jobs will be the repainting of the railings, of which there's a lot, but again work has started on the ones between the Station Master's office and toilet block which are now rubbed down and have red oxide paint applied to the exposed areas.

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