Watercress Line

Blog 3rd Nov - Sat p-way gang

Saturday 3rd Nov 2018

A report by Corina Silk.

A crisp day greeted the gang of 8. After tea and a chat they divided for work.

No service trains were running during the day, only a private charter later on in the afternoon and the RAT in the evening, so the gang took advantage of being granted access to the track under occupation to carry out some sleeper replacement work.

They had originally hoped to use Wickham Trolley No.1 to transport themselves and tools to the work sites, however Adrian had received a message the day before to say that it had broken down. Eddie and Chris decided to take a quick look at it. There was a fuel leak which they repaired, but air in the system needed to be bled out. It was therefore decided to leave this task until later so that the gang could at least replace two sleepers at Ropley. These were removed and replaced without any issues.

Adrian, Corina and Ian James then took the company transport to Northside View, The Grove and The Grosvenor P-way huts to stick grotesques on the chimneys. This needed to be done ready for the “Walk the Line” event the following weekend, where they are included in a line information guide for the younger generation to spot.

Eddie, Martin W, Chris M, Pete, Brian Hi all went back to Medstead and Four Marks where the first job for Eddie and Chris was to bleed the fuel system on Wickham No. 1. This was successfully completed (once Chris had studied a You Tube video) and the Wickham was fired up.

By this time Adrian, Corina and Ian had returned to base. Ian and Pete left for the day and the rest of the gang continued with restoration work on Wickham Trolley No.2. Corina and Chris undercoated the roofing hoops and frame then helped Adrian to clean the chassis, engine and wheels.

Eddie and Martin worked on welding and cleaning parts for the front and rear frames and the old tool box, while Brian gave the air braking system receivers a coat of red oxide ready for painting.

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