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Canadian Pacific Overhaul Spring Update 2017

There is much to report on progress of Canadian Pacific.  The Eastleigh volunteer team are still working hard to progress the overhaul.  The front of the locomotive is looking particularly good at present, with new buffers on the new front buffer beam.

Trial fitting of lubrication pipework is continuing and the sanding pipework has also been re-assembled.  Another extensive system in the form of the conduits for the electric wiring is being refreshed too.  Steve has been busy doing a fine job in overhauling the electrical system.  This task has not been made easy by the mixture of metric and imperial conduits found on CP! 

One of our main goals on the mechanical side remains to re-wheel the frames.  However, to do this, we need new crowns machined for the axleboxes.  Unfortunately however, our machining capability for work of this advanced level has been reduced by the sad loss of experienced volunteers in the Machine Shop in Ropley and we are actively searching for new experienced/skilled volunteers to support this crucial area.  If you are interested in helping in this vital area, please see http://preservation.watercressline.co.uk/news/entry/vacancy-for-volunteer-machinist for more details.

Bryn Engineering visited Eastleigh earlier in the year and bored the Cylinder Valves (the cylinders themselves are to be completed at later date) to remove any ovality.  The video above demonstrates the boring equipment in action.  Unfortunately it came to light after boring that the centre valve liner requires replacement, which is an additional cost. 

Evaluation of the valve spindles has found that their condition to be poor.  As a result we are looking into options of either repairing or replacing them.  The locomotive’s Slide Bars have been re-ground by an external contractor after being removed and sent away via Ropley and have returned via the same route back to Eastleigh.

Alignment checks are in progress.  We have brought in the support of Andy Forster who in the past has successfully used Optical alignment techniques to great effect on the West Somerset Railway.  The initial sets of measurements have been calculated and the horn liners machined accordingly.   We will be needing to machine the horn faces on the locomotive frames and so will need to hire machining equipment from the West Somerset Railway once we have calculated the correct measurements.  To obtain these a table has been machined to be fitted inside the frames to give us a datum point to measure using the optical equipment.

Meanwhile in Ropley, cab painting has been completed (at least as much as necessary at this stage.)  New window frames are in the queue to be machined. The machine shop have completed manufacture of new pins and bushes for the brake rigging and these have been returned and trial fitted in Eastleigh.  More recently, new hanger bushes have also been made and fitted.

Also in Ropley, work on the new Firebox in the boilershop will be starting soon.  The firebox side plates rolled to radius have been delivered on site. The back plate has just been manufactured by the South Devon Railway and will be collected this week.  Other work continues in the boiler shop. The outer throatplate lower corner insert plates are now welded in place and have been drilled and bolted to the foundation ring.  Stub End Stay removal is complete.  Welding of cracks to the upper backhead plates on waterside has commenced as has welding of cracks to outer wrapper plate on water side. Countersinking of rivet holes for front tubeplate flange insert is complete and set up for riveting.

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Many thanks to all our supporters!

Dave Deane

Project Supervisor, Canadian Pacific project.

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