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CanPac Overhaul Update

Eastleigh’s volunteers working on Canadian Pacific are continuing to progress the locomotive’s overhaul.  The brake rigging has been removed and re-assembled for inspection on the newly laid concrete surface.  Don’t let the picture deceive you, the brake rigging (like most things on a Merchant Navy class) is heavy!

The laborious but vital job of cleaning the frames continues apace, although we keep finding more places in need of a clean that are not obvious until you work closely.  There’s still a lot of work to do in-between the frames (probably around 4-6 weeks to go).

The buffer beam has been cut out in readiness for a welding repair (planned for September.)  Also in preparation for welding, both sides of the doubling plate of the frame extensions have been cut away.

The driving wheels axle boxes have been cleaned and re-assembled, as have the pony and bogey axle boxes.  Meanwhile in Ropley the re-profiled bogey wheels have arrived from Leicester.

The running plate securing brackets have been removed, cleaned, painted and re-fitted.  The right hand trailing brake hanger bracket has been removed, inspected and re-fitted.

A new volunteer (welcome Mike!) started working with the Eastleigh team and very kindly donated a useful 1 and a half ton hydraulic jack for the project.  We’re always looking for new volunteers and in particular a tin basher would be very useful for us.  Additionally if you have any tools that you think may be of use, please get in touch as they may well be just what we’re looking for!

We still have to raise another £200,000 for the £1.5million CanPac project. The project will see not just the overhaul of 35005 Canadian Pacific but also 2 wooden Bulleid coaches. The boiler work alone is expected to exceed £100,000; so anything you can give will be gratefully appreciated, no matter how small you think it might be.

Please click here to contribute towards the fund via secure online payment.

Click here to download the appeal form.

Photo gallery

  • Brake Rigging

  • Axle Boxes

  • Frames

  • Frames

  • Frames

  • Frames (front)

  • Front of Internal cylinder and valve - the next cleaning job!

  • Running plate securing bracket (re-fitted after bring removed, cleaned and re-painted)

  • The right hand trailing brake hanger bracket after being removed, inspected and re-fitted

  • Left hand cylinder

  • Left hand frame extension being cut...

  • ...Left hand frame extension cut and ready for welding repair

  • Right hand frame extension being cut...

  • ...Right hand frame extension cut and ready for welding repair

  • Re-profiled bogey and trailing truck wheels

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