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CanPac Overhaul Update November 2015

Progress on the overhaul of Canadian Pacific has been moving forward rapidly in the past few weeks.  The vast majority of the locomotive’s frames have been cleaned and painted, with only a few sections of needle gunning required.  The running plates have been cleaned, either by hand or by being shot blasted (thanks to Pipe and Steelwork Protection Ltd for completing this for us at a very good price.)   Both volunteers and those on work placements have helped us paint these with primer.  The painting has to be completed as soon as possible after bare metal is exposed, as they will literally rust overnight if left to the elements.  And yes, the elements are present within Eastleigh works, mainly due to a leaking roof!

The Watercress Line’s van has been in action moving various parts and tools between Ropley and Eastleigh.  The brake rigging has been transported to the machine shop in Ropley for pins/re-bushing (there are about 120 bushes!)  Other items sent to Ropley include boiler fittings and cylinder casings for evaluation. Thanks go to the Wednesday gang for helping unload the heavy items in Ropley. 

As was reported previously, the driving wheels are in South Devon.  We can update you that after evaluation, the required work to the driving wheels will be proceeding soon.  The wheels require re-profiling and the crank pins re-polished and machined.  There will also be work required on the journal and thrust faces.  The completion of the driving wheels will help us reach a goal of having a rolling chassis.

Meanwhile Eastleigh’s volunteers have been working hard on another important step towards achieving a rolling chassis – the axle boxes.  The volunteers have been tasked with removing the manganese steel lining from the axle boxes.  This is proving to be a very tough job, although it has been greatly helped by the purchase of a new Mag Drill.  The lining has to be cut, drilled and knocked out with a chisel and hammer.  As you can imagine, we have been going through many grinding discs in the process!

We have a number of tasks looming ahead of us in the near future.  The springs require testing and we are discussing options with Arlington Fleet Services that should help us complete this in Eastleigh.  We are currently sourcing information on how the springs should perform so that the testing can be completed.

A significant milestone will be met soon - we are planning to move the boiler from the yard in Eastleigh to Ropley to begin its overhaul.  With the Ivatt 2MT tank and Standard 4 2-6-0 boiler’s being completed, we finally have space in Ropley’s boilershop to start working on CP’s monstrous boiler!  Taking the boiler to Ropley will involve a major shunting operation in Eastleigh and this would not be possible if it was not for our friends at Arlington Fleet Services.  We will be using this movement as an opportunity to bring the cab indoors at the same time so that we can begin working on it. The boiler will be transported by road to Ropley, where there will be another shunting operation to get it into the boilershop.

As you can see, there is much progress on the overhaul of Canadian Pacific and we will have even more to report soon.  We look forward to updating you again in the near future!

Please do not forget that we still need your assistance to help with the overhaul of our flagship steam locomotive.  Please click here to find out how you can help!

Photo gallery

  • Painted running plates

  • Inside the frames

  • Outside the frames

  • A view of the inside from the front

  • Another view of the outside of the frames

  • Some of the springs to be tested

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