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Carriage shop news!

Welcome to Carriage Shop News. I’m your host Ali Steele, welcome to the show! On the program today – Ollie does some painting, one Ian sweeps up while another Ian makes more mess, several people called Chris do metalworking, I make a change from making sawdust by doing a lot of varnishing, Gordon calls everybody Dave, and we all enjoy seeing the T9 again at the gala… Hope you enjoy the show!

There has been a lot of good, steady progress in the carriage shed recently rather than major milestones being reached. The main focus of work is still BR MK1 4910. Metal work by the Christopher’s has seen one focussed on the country end and the other beginning on the sides around the window frames. The roof has been needle gunned almost completely by Ian and George - a less glamorous job that isn’t popular either to do or be done, as the sound of a needle gun going all day is like a giant angry wasp, stuck in a biscuit tin, slowly entering your head via the temples! But there is a plate, and they have stepped up to it. 

The new wooden interior window frames are now at the varnishing stage, looking a little different from the big lumps of timber that were in the last blog post. These get mounted onto specially shaped timbers that are screwed to the metal frame of the carriage. These timbers were made by Gordon and are being fitted by Graham and Norman.

On the other side of the workshop, an interloper from the workshop next door has been prepared. The boiler for Ivatt 2-6-2T No. 41312 has been steam tested, lagged and clad. Just after it got a nice, shiny new coat of black gloss paint, it was taken outside to be put in the frames of the locomotive, and yes of course, it’s raining. Steam crane arrives, jib goes up, the rain comes down!

Any of you who visited the railway for the gala may well have come for a stroll through the carriage shop (it is obviously the main event at any gala). If so, you will have seen Bulleid Brake 4211 sitting slightly forlornly without a few windowpanes. The four new panes of glass arrived on the Monday after the gala, and are now safely fitted. After a couple of checks and the odd bit of touching up of paintwork, the carriage will be pretty much done. We’re going to sling it outside next time we get the chance and it’s raining (today would be perfect except for the boiler lift going on!) to make sure nothing is leaking, then all going well it should be in traffic soon.

And on that bombshell, that’s all folks! Thanks for playing the game.

See you next time soon,

Carriage Shop News!

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