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Chasing the Blues Away 7th June

Having been away last week in Madeira I was surprised to find that first of all it was my turn to do the Blog, no Camera, and secondly the Tender Team were still Bluing and Scraping Bearings, and thirdly the sun was shining.

With time running out to do the Tender Tank lift before the two train Service begins it was imperative that the bearings were completed this week so that the following week the wheels can be fitted to the frame. So it was all hands on deck and finding as many scrapers as we could. Some of the Journals had been over Blued, possibly giving a faulty indication, but this was soon remedied. Soon after lunch the job was completed and the Enginers Blue was cleaned off. However, it wasn’t possible to progress any further due to the big shunt taking place later in the day.

On the Pit Road Alfie was getting instruction on Boiler Washout Procedure on the Standard 4 and later in the morning came back in the Workshop suitably wet!

In the Yard Wadebridge was getting some attention as during the July Gala it will have a different identity. I still don’t know whose legs and feet can be seen under the cladding (see photo), they may have been there since the last Overhaul?

The Team working on CanPac’s Bogies have removed all the loose and damaged rivets and now have the job of making good, the starting point being reaming out the holes. Some will probably need welding and re-drilling as they are almost oval.

CanPac’s Tender Tank will be receiving attention with some painting taking place in the next week or two. Some prep work has already taken place and this afternoon the big shunt would see Swanage’s Tender taken out of the Shed and CanPac’s Tank, currently behind Wadebridge moved undercover. Richard driving the 33 cleared the Yard, and Swanage’s Tender was hauled out. After a number of movements, CanPac’s Tender arrived in the Workshop and was uncoupled from Wadebridge.

For the rest of the afternoon the Tender Team set about removing the Axle Boxes from the S15 wheelsets ready for cleaning and assessment.

New man Michael and I set about topping up the wood shed as there is always a requirement to keep it full.

Well that’s it for this week except, ‘Chasing the Blues Away’, Irvin Berlin, you knew that anyway.

Dave 2 Jags

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