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It’s Christmas!

The guys at Eastleigh have been figuring out where everything should go in the cab. This sounds easy but as our cab has been re-skinned, we don’t have any of the attachments/screw holes to let us know where everything was positioned. So, a team from Eastleigh visited the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway to have a little nosy around 35006 P & O. After taking lots of photographs of the cab and other parts of the loco they came back to Eastleigh raring to get on with the job. Thanks to the Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway and 35006 P & O team for making them very welcome. In other news, we have sourced new window glass for the cab and this has now been fitted. This additional little touch to the cab has made the cab look more complete (see photo)  

The bogie truck axleboxes have been finished and the team have moved onto the trailing truck. The Eastleigh volunteers have been cleaning up the trailing truck and giving it a lick of paint. Unfortunately, we have found a crack in one of the axleboxes and this will require some extra work to fix before it can be white metalled and machined. The tender has been progressing with the volunteers working on removing the rivets that hold the dragbox in place (see photo). This is not an easy job as many are difficult to get to. The weather has certainly turned at Ropley in the last month and even through the rain the volunteers have been working outside on the tender frame.

After test fitting the inner firebox plates last month, we are now getting ready to set it up on a jig and start construction of the inner firebox. This will take about 6 months to construct then there will be about 2,200 stays to insert. This is definitely a job that the boiler shop is not looking forward to! A couple of the Eastleigh volunteers have been helping out in the boiler shop cleaning the inside of the barrel. This is not a nice job and definitely not one for those who are claustrophobic (see photo). Unfortunately, we have learned that there is a crack in our superheater header and this will need to be sent off for repair but never fear we have managed to find someone to do this for us. Watch our short video to see how Canadian Pacific's restoration has progressed so far. 

Other exciting news, at the end of November we managed to get an article published in the Science Museum Group Journal. The article explores the role of women in the construction of Canadian Pacific in Eastleigh Works during World War Two. If you would like to read the article, click here.  

Work this month will start to slow down as we all prepare for Christmas but we will be back in January ready to carry on with Canadian Pacific's restoration.

From all the CanPac Team have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for reading, 

Becky (Project Supervisor)

Photo gallery

  • Windows in the cab

  • Canadian Pacifc's frames - December 2018

  • Bogie axlebox

  • Working on the tender frame

  • Grinding rivets on the tender frame

  • Working on cleaning inside the boiler barrel

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