Watercress Line

Miniature Railway Report 17 January

Having regrouped following the Christmas festivities we have been back in harness at the Miniature Railway for the last two Saturdays. Good progress has been made in the following areas:
• We have been gauge and level checking the entire route plus we have laid another panel on the head shunt and completed the ballasting in this area. Also we have been infilling and building up the shoulders of the ballast where required.
• Dave Mould, Martin Haysom and his Rangers have been extending the footpath.
• Martin Haysom has also made a start on clearing back overhanging branches and vegetation.
• Lisa (who is helping with Lineside work) kindly did some more footpath work and made an excellent job of clearing vegetation around where the second access is to be put in opposite the station site.
• Andrew Haysom and Ben Skelton have been repairing our damaged wagon and fitting glazing to Nevada.

Following all this we got all the stock out as both locos were due their regular maintenance runs. We ran several test trains over the entire route which, judging by the number of staff that suddenly appeared, caused quite a stir! Several took the opportunity for rides and it was pleasing to note the comments on how smooth the ride was. Observation of the running has highlighted two areas of the track that need slight packing but otherwise we are very pleased with our new route. Our attention is now turning to building the station and getting some fencing erected plus completion of the access paths. Once again many thanks to the regular Miniature Railway Team members and all the others that have helped.

Ray Briscall

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