Watercress Line

Miniature Railway Report 31 January

Hi all,

I’ll start by introducing myself, I’m Andrew and I have been helping out for nearly 5 years and I thought it was time to give Ray a break from writing these updates. He has done a great job in keeping everyone up to date with the progress and it’s a tough act to follow. 

Saturday dawned cold and cloudy with a light dusting of snow lying on the ground. At the start of the day it looked like it was going to be very quiet, with only myself and Ray there due to weather and Keith having a day off. However Callum, Connor and Cameron turned up shortly after we made a start and then more arrived throughout the day so it turned out to be a productive day.

We started by attempting to adjust the control to the hydraulic pumps on Nevada to offset the large forward bias the pump has. Meanwhile Cameron braved the snow and the wind to grease the outside of the fishplates, which was completed in record time! 

The next task was to finish the re-gauging at the station which was nearly completed last week. By this time Dave Mould, Martin Haysom and the rangers had made a start digging out more of the path leading to the gate at the station.

The re-gauging was soon completed and Ray and Cameron started checking the cross level of the track. Me, Jamie, Connor and Callum started helping Dave with some digging around the station and replacing the ballast shoulders where the track had been packed. Following lunch Lisa took over doing the shouldering.

Then a pleasant surprise as Adam Kellie arrived after his train had been cancelled and was able to help out for the afternoon.  

Once the shouldering was completed we rolled Nevada out of the shed to test the adjustments to the hydraulics and this gave us a chance for some driver training. Nevada and the engineers wagon were give multiple runs up and down and we all got a chance to have a drive.

By the end of the day the rangers had dug out a large area behind the gate to the station to allow it to open the other way. We are again very grateful to the Rangers for their hard work they put in. As always thanks very much to everyone who helped today, we are ever closer to seeing the first public train leaving the new station!

Andrew Haysom

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