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Ropley Loco Wednesday Gang - Happy Smiley Faces at Ropley

Not that I normally need any excuses, but I did have the perfect excuse for bunking off at lunchtime today as I just flew in from Australia very early Tuesday morning so my ancient body clock was totally out of kilter meaning I was even more dopey than normal; by lunchtime I was ready for my bed... And it was cold. And it was drizzling. And it was 33 degrees in Melbourne....(and Ferrari won - hurrah!!)

So, a shorter blog than normal today..

The white board looked quite full and included a magical mystery tour with the company flatbed to deliver or pick up some vital bits; I normally volunteer for this as I quite like driving the thing and normal we go no further than Eastleigh.. However, todays jaunt was somewhere in Essex, North of the river even! That would have been a full day so I'm glad I didn't put my hand up for that one... Stuart and Steve bravely ventured off, probably not to return until dark! For the rest of us there was the usual ongoing jobs that have occupied Dave 2 Jags gang and Les's gang with what seems forever; progress obviously is being made on both jobs but they "won't be ready by next week" sir. Or anything like...

Our Thomas event looms in the next couple of weeks and the loco looks resplendent after Ollie's painting efforts; there were just a couple of small mechanical jobs to do mainly involving making a new gasket and replacing the front valve cover. Thomas and his chums needed their faces washing and cleaning too so a few of us obliged before Ollie got to re-paint some of the more faded bits..

Other than that I'm afraid it was more a question of staying out of the cold drizzle and catching up with the gossip (don't ask Les about his camper van though...) before lunch and an early bath for me..

I would say I'll try harder next week, but I'll be in Aintree for the Grand National and the week after that I'll be in Bahrain for my next GP.. It's a hard life but someone has to do it!!

So for the next couple of weeks you will be in the capable hands of the deputy under-scribe. See you in a week or three.


Your Ropley Scribe.



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