Watercress Line

Sat P-way blog 2nd Feb

A report by Corina , photos by Corina and Adam.

A very cold day of -6 greeted the small gang of 5. The ground was covered in several inches of snow and the yard look like a Christmas Card scene.

Once a warm cup of tea had been drunk, the gang comprising of Adrian C, Corina, Martin W, Adam (and later joined by Tony) went down to Ropley where they had been asked to pack the new siding. The men of the gang did the back breaking job of digging out the semi-frozen ballast, jacking up the track and packing ballast below the sleepers, while Corina with the assistance of the Abtus sighting boards indicated when the track had been raised to the correct height. After several hours they managed to complete approximately half of the siding. As the sun and thus the temperature started to drop, it was decided to call it a day.

On the Sunday Adrian wanted to continue with the packing exercise, so “dragged” Corina (with a less than impressed look!) back to Ropley. With some help from the Urie Group to carry the tools down to where they had left off the day before, preparations to jack up the track were made. With the heavy overnight freeze however, the track proved to be impossible to lift due to the sleepers and ballast being frozen to the ground, and it was deemed too hazardous to continue (by this time Corina had a big grin on her face!).

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