Watercress Line

Sat p-way blog 9th Feb 2019

A report by Corina , photos by Corina.

A cold day and overcast day greeted the small gang.

The first job was to move all the wood for the new Wickham shed off of the dock at Medstead, so it was clear for the start of the running season next weekend.

Adrian C, Martin W, Eddie, Adam, Keith H and Brian Hi then went down to Ropley in Wickham 1 to start jacking and packing the No.1 siding, with the stock having been moved over to No. 2 siding during the week and ballast laid.

Corina, Neil and John M went down to Alresford to have breakfast in the West Country Buffet stopping on the way back at Ropley to drop off bacon and egg rolls to the packing team. They then continued to back to Medstead, where under instruction from the John Larke (Building Group), they and Andy B constructed the framework for the second side panel of the Wickham Shed. Window openings were also formed in the panel before John had to depart at midday. After lunch, they went to Ropley to help the guys with jacking and packing work. By the close of play around half of the length of the siding had been tackled. The task had been a lot easier than the previous week with the absence of snow and higher temperatures.

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