Watercress Line

Sat P-way gang 23rd & 24th Feb 2019

A report by Corina and photos by Corina and Adam.

A glorious warm sunny day greeted the gang of many.

Adrian C, Corina, Pete, Ian J and Neil helped John L do some more work on the new Wickham shed.

Brian Hi and Keith H went down the line to Alresford to do track inspection.

John M, Brian Ha, Martin W, and Adam went to attend some rail fastenings in The Shrave, whilst Eddie and Martin B refurbished some RNB6 fastenings at the yard.

After lunch Corina and Brian Hi stayed at the yard to do some painting on the Wickham parts.

Adrian, Neil, Pete and Ian J walked up the line on towards Alton, undertaking the first part of a scoping survey to ascertain the maintenance work to be carried out during the course of the next few months, while the section is closed for the bridge replacement work.

Eddie, Martin B, Martin W, Adam, John M and Brian Ha started the annual fishplate oiling task in The Shrave working towards Alton, covering around half a mile during the course of the afternoon.

After leaving the line Corina and Adrian picked up a set of Wickham seat sides from Hook. These have very kindly been donated by the Rail Trolley Trust. They have been removed, from a scrapped Wickham, so it is great to be able to restore them for ours.

Sunday 24th February 2019

A small gang of four decided to have a working party to make the most of the good weather.

Corina stayed up at Medstead where she painted the Wickham radiator, pedals and the radiator grill.

Adrian, Neil and Adam continued with, and completed the scoping survey from where they left off the previous day, walking up the line from Brick Kiln Lane to the construction site at The Butts, and then from Alton Station down to the east side of the construction site.

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