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Sponsor a Stay - Update!

Our “Sponsor a Stay” appeal was launched earlier in the summer, to raise funds that are needed to bring CanPac back to life.  This was after it had been found that the locomotive’s Inner Firebox was in a much poorer condition than had been previously anticipated and as a result it would cost more to complete the job. 

CanPac’s boiler arrived in Ropley from Eastleigh in early December 2015 for work to begin in the boiler shop to complete the overhaul. Since then, the boiler shop staff have spent several months of work cutting/drilling out Stays and removing plate from the firebox.  Surveys had been conducted prior to disassembly of the firebox, but these had not revealed the full extent of cracking, pitting and corrosion that were found through comprehensive visual inspection as plate was exposed. 

As dissasembly progressed and more plate was inspected, it became clear that the initial plan to replace only sections of the Inner Firebox would no longer be a satisfactory solution.  This was especially upon consideration of the longer term prospects of CanPac's running in the future and learning from experiences of similar problems elsewhere.  Therefore, the most sensible decision was to replace the Inner Firebox.

Although replacing the Inner Firebox is good news for the longevity of CanPac, in the shorter term it means that the overhaul will take longer and cost more to complete.  Unfortunately these extra overhaul costs are not covered by the Heritage Lottery Fund grant.  There are a number of significant new costs in replacing the Inner Firebox, with perhaps the most obvious one being that all Stays will need replacing.  The Merchant Navy class has a huge Firebox, held together by around 2,200 Stays, costing on average around £25 each.  Replacing all of these will be necessary and to help fund this we are running our “Sponsor a Stay” appeal.

Sponsoring a Stay comes with a wide range of benefits.  All those who sponsor a Stay are entered into a prize draw.  For each Stay up to 7 sponsored, your name will be entered into a draw to win a Hornby Merchant Navy Class OO Scale model of Canadian Pacific. (For instance, sponsor 6 Stays and your name will be entered 6 times).  If you sponsor 8 Stays you will get a seat on the inaugural train when Canadian Pacific returns to service.  Those who sponsor 40 Stays will get a 20 mile round trip footplate ride on Canadian Pacific when it returns to service.  These are excellent ways of both supporting the overhaul whilst purchasing some very special rides behind or on this magnificent steam locomotive.

So far we have had a great response to the “Sponsor a Stay” appeal.  To-date (as I type this blog post) we have had 713 Stays sponsored; raising £17,825.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this total, it really will help make a difference.  However, it is by no means over yet!  We have an estimated additional £102,000 required to return Canadian Pacific back to working order.

The Sponsor a Stay campaign was due to close at midnight on the last day of 2016, however we will be extending this slightly for donations received up until midnight of 15th January 2017.  So please help us bring our flagship steam locomotive back to working order and take advantage of the benefits of this appeal.

To Sponsor a Stay, please click here.  If you wish to make a donation without Sponsoring a Stay, please click here.  For those who prefer to not donate online, a sponsorship form can be found below.

Thank you for your continued support and seasonal greetings to you all.

Dave Deane

Project Supervisor, Canadian Pacific project.

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