Watercress Line

The Donut Gang Rides Out!

Signal Engineering Report 25 July

The Signal Engineering team that work on Mondays are affectionately known as the "Donut Gang".

Why? Our little treat for the mid- morning cuppa is a scrumptious jam donut from the bakery in Four Marks. After many weeks of toiling away at Ropley getting ready for the Phase 2 signalling scheme, we have now had to uproot and traverse seven odd miles up the line to the northern outpost of the territory at Alton. Our new encampment is just outside Alton Relay Room where once again, we are beavering away in connection with the Alton "fringe" signalling scheme that is scheduled to conclude on 11th August.

The attached photo was shot by the paparazzi early one Monday morning when we were making our getaway down the hill between Medstead and Alton.

Rod Wicks
Signal Engineering Dept.

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