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The Terminators!

Friday 29 March - S&T Group Report

Terminate! Terminate! …that was again the message for the Monday Signal Engineering lads last week. We found ourselves back at Ropley on another cold morning terminating internal wiring in lineside location cases in readiness for commissioning the Phase 2 signalling work at Ropley later this year. In parallel with this, work is also underway running cables from location cases up the new signal posts that will power the electrically lit signal lamps and also providing signal arm proving circuits back to the signal box. The signal repeaters on the block shelf enable the signalman to see the position of signals arms that are out of view from the box. Most of this work is now complete on the London side of Ropley and after Easter work will concentrate at the country end of the station. The weekend team was also out last week replacing the white sighting board on the Up Home signal at Medstead & Four Marks.   


Rod Wicks

Photo gallery

  • Ken Jarvis terminating wires at Ropley

  • View of cable side of location case

  • Arm proving contact box

  • Signal repeater in signal box

  • Refurbished sighting board on Medstead Up Home signal