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The Wickham Restoration Project

Sunday 7th October 2018

A report and photos by Corina Silk.

In stark contrast to Saturday, a lovely day greeted Corina, Adrian C, Eddie (joined by John later).

This was a Wickham Trolley working day up at Medstead and Four Marks. The gang started by offering up the newly fabricated front and rear frames to the main chassis. With a little bit of grinding and persuasion they fitted snuggly. Drilling one bolt hole each end they were temporarily secured. The Wickham was then moved up to the cattle dock which provided and elevated working platform from which to lift the roof framework into place. After a bit more grinding and assistance from Richard B (of the 80150 group), the roof sat neatly in place. A hole was drilled in each corner to secure the frame. The roof and outer frames were then removed ready for painting. Corina finished red-oxiding them and partly applied a coat of primer.

Hopefully over the next two weeks, pending the weather, the priming and top coats will be applied allowing the sheeting of the frames to commence.

Adrian and Corina also managed to progress the degreasing of the engine and gear box and cleaning of the wheels.

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