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Very late August Carriage Shop Blog

Alright, I admit it. It’s September. But still early September! I knew my intention to write a blog at the end of every month would slip at some point, but better to be late to the party than never make it at all, eh?

Another intention of mine that has gone slightly awry, was my intention to write about Bulleid coach framework this month. Work on MK1 TSO 4910 has very nearly finished, but between myself and Gordon we’ve had three weeks of holiday this month (who would have thought it in August?!) so things haven’t moved quite as quickly as I’d have hoped. Next month, I promise! …maybe…

While we’re on the Bulleid front, I should say there have been some goings on. Sir Christopher of Yates has been busy making brackets for the vacuum cylinders of 1456 to be mounted on – I took a photo of him while he was doing this, but as you’ll see he wasn’t necessarily very happy about this photographic exposure, as he didn’t feel the cut he’d just made showed off his work to the best of his ability, so don’t judge the poor fellow! It was a Monday morning after all.

There has also been preparatory work done on brake carriage 4367, with Francis K and Chris H doing some sterling work beginning to clear out the vehicle. It is full of a lot of stuff, some of it junk, some of it useable and some of it very useful! There has been a good supply of Bulleid doors, luggage racks and windows stored in the carriage, but these are now safely in a container. Once the lot is out we can begin the process of stripping the floor out and beginning the underframe overhaul. Lots of noisy messy work, but it all needs doing.

On the MK 1 TSO, 4910, it’s still all the little things, but we are very nearly there. As I write, to the best of my knowledge, on the interior the only items that still need to be fitted are two pelmets at the country end of the carriage. Other than that it is simply beadings to be fitted, and another coat of varnish on most bits of timber, before our colleagues from Alresford fit a bit of lino here and there and we’re done on the interior. All the tables are in, the doors have their sealing strips around them, held in with nice varnished strips of timber, and we’re really close to having all the beadings fitted. A mammoth task!

Ollie is going great guns on the exterior. A fair load of filler has gone on to the carriage and been sanded back and undercoated. As you’ll see the maroon undercoat is spreading out compared with my last blog, he tells me the painting stage (as opposed to preparation) will begin in full this week.

Next time, we really should have a bit more of the Bulleid appearing in the pages (or should that be pixels?), so till then dear reader, sayonara, toodle-pip and goodbye!


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Photo gallery

  • Unexpected visitor No. 2 – Diesel (and David the driver)

  • For comparing with last months’ blog, pelmets and beadings

  • Lots of beading

  • Interior shot

  • Tables refitted

  • A little corner showing beadings, cover pieces etc. – all takes time!

  • Middles doors, showing rubber seals and timber surrounding trims

  • Cheeky shape expertly replicated by Gordon (then hacked around by me!)

  • Exterior of 4910 gradually going red

  • Chris reluctantly being photographed

  • My usual view of the workshop (05/09/16) struggling to see the forest for the trees (or carriage shop for the carriages)

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