Watercress Line


Well it's been a few weeks since the last Wagon Group report, mainly due to a prolonged holiday down under .......... but I'm assured everyone else was very busy in the interim!

BY S 653 has had lots of work on it. The vac system is now fully completed, and there is still some internal painting and other bits to complete. The steam heating piping is well under way. Lettering and numbering has been applied to the exterior. The vehicle was used for our "Sales stand" at the recent October Gala in the dock siding at Medstead, along with the "Gunpowder" van on display. At the time of writing it has gone down to Ropley for a Fitness To Run exam, for a forthcoming photo charter. Following this it needs to come back to Medstead for the final outstanding works to be completed.  

Also at Medstead a timber store is being constructed, and the Fergie tractor has been removed from the low sided wagon in Bennetts (with thanks to the P.Way department) for some winter maintenance.

When the line to Alton reopens we will hopefully get a much needed shunt, as we have run out of work on wagons there........... Much recent activity has been concentrated on the repainting of the exterior of the Mess room. Also the old curved corrugated roof sheeting has been recycled to form an enhanced wood store at the rear of the Mess room.

Two new lengths of T&G have been prepared for the north side of the model railway PMV S 1995 (which is down at Alresford), to replace rotten timbers, and we need to do a similar job to the Queen Mary brake van over the winter also.   

Last but by no means least the ex BR Meat van B 870073 arrived at Alresford on Wednesday 6th November, and has been temporarily moved to the headshunt there. We will put a sheet over it shortly, and hopefully we can get to Alton to get to work on it, when the line  reopens there.

Chris Le Corney   

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