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Wagon Group Report 13th March

Well with the so called first few days of "Spring" we all decided it was a bit more pleasant to stay at home that week! So it was good to get back to work again last week.
At Medstead last Tuesday the first job was to put the protective sheets back over the "A" and "AF" containers in the freight rake in Bennetts siding. When this was completed tea and coffee awaited afterwards.
Chris S and Kevin set about fitting the two hasps and padlocks to the cabin doors of brake van B 953701, and various small paint jobs were completed thereon. 
Meanwhile Brian and Richard took a broken cable drum to pieces to recover the cable, which was all wired up to the circuit breaker and associated sockets on the new drum. This was all  reassembled on completion and tested. Brian continued with further clear out of "stuff" from the workshop PMV and made several visits up the yard disposing of the rubbish.

Keith continued to move items around in the workshop CCT making more work and storage space. He also had a further clear out ......
At Alton on Wednesday we seemed to have a four pronged attack. John B, Clive and Ian were rubbing down the milk tank underframe and priming/undercoating. John Q and Mick were installing a window frame in the Alresford end of the grounded van body mess room ...... this requiring the cutting the hole for the frame in the end. The "vice" squad of Steve and Bob were installing a metal vice and wood working vice in the bench in the ISO container. Lastly Adrian, Pete and myself were rubbing down, filling, sanding, priming and undercoating the country end of LMS van M 520771. The forecast was for possible showers in the afternoon, but fortunately the only one that came, was just after we had packed up! 

Saturday at Medstead started off really miserable with heavy rain. Eventually Dillon, Jose, Darren and Chris R prized themselves away from the tea pot to have a look at what could be done. Chris spent the day de-rusting underneath the Rudd away from the rain. Jose made a beeline for the brake vans to get the stoves lit. Jose needs no excuse for a fire.............

Darren had a couple of small jobs to do in the dry of the workshop PMV while Dillon started marking out for the recesses on the new plates for the gunpowder wagon, and Darren cut them out with the disk cutter. While Darren was cutting the second plate, Dillon marked out and drilled the holes for the rivets on the first, and again during cutting of the third he drilled the holes in the second, then finally the third.

Jose by this time had joined Chris, and between them did some Vactaning on the Rudd, where Chris had cleaned up earlier.

A decision was then made to call it a day, and  after putting everything away, cleaning the bench and sweeping up the workshop PMV and locking up ......... the sun came out!!!

Chris Le Corney

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