Watercress Line


Dave V reports from a hot Medstead on Tuesday that at last some of the scaffolding is up (south side) of the Mark 1 coach S 34947 and they were able get underway in earnest with the cleaning off and painting the roof. 

Brian, Kevin, Richard, David E, and Dave V took two panels each at a time and worked their way along the south side scraping off flaking paint, followed by a wash down. In the hot weather the water dried very quickly. Kevin worked his way along most of the roof giving it a light sanding and feathering the edges between bare metal and good paint. Just the last four or five panels at the town end were left to do. Richard and Brian dusted down and commenced painting from the country end and managed to complete four or five panels of the south side. All in all a good start. 

Elsewhere Keith fitted the three door planks on the south side of the CCT; then turned his attention to measuring up for a plan to complete the wood store; and made a start on fitting a new door to the paint store.

Malcolm reports that they didn’t get as far as they had hoped ... but the CCT steps are mostly in place, and they should finish these next week.
As we drove up the station approach on Wednesday morning we could see the scaffolding up on the north side of the Mark 1 coach ...it having gone up on the Tuesday evening. With a good turnout of 6, we set to scraping, sanding, brushing, and painting using the roller for the big areas and brush for the fiddly bits.
It was a lot cooler for us than Tuesday (fortunately!), and by lunchtime we had done all the preparation and completed the first coat of the Williamson dark grey roof paint. After lunch we applied the second coat, and this required opening the first of the four new cans. Although it had the same dark grey label on, it actually appeared to have a slightly greenish tint ... so the roof is very slightly two tone on part of the south side. But after a few weeks weathering it will be impossible to see any difference. Effectively we had finished the roof by around 1430, and tidied up and wended our way homewards.
Saturday morning at Medstead saw Jose, Jamie, Hamish, Chris R and John D starting with a tea and chat. The first four then had a team effort undercoating the underside frames of the Gunpowder wagon. The team effort resulted in about 90% completion before lunch, when unfortunately they ran out of paint ... There is still some derusting an preparation on the two London end wheels for next time.
Meantime John D prepared and primed the new timber in the CCT doors and left to dry, and a later arrival Dave R then applied an undercoat to CCT doors.

After lunch, Chris, Jose and John D then cut a sleeper to size and set it into the ground at the bottom of the new steps into the woodworking CCT, and subsequently investigated the wasps nest under the Fergie tractor bonnet ... where it was found (luckily) that it was redundant, with no sign of any wasps. So, the old nest was gently prised away from the radiator fins and discarded. 
They called it a day at about 15.45. 

Chris Le Corney

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