Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 16th December

With the extreme weather last week most of the Tuesday gang decided it best to cancel their activities at Medstead. However Chris and Malcolm braved a very cold day, and got some nice snowy pictures!  They had to boil a kettle to defrost the woodwork CCT’s padlock before they could start work.
Working inside they proceeded onwards with BY S 653 and finished off the doorway from the Country End into the Guard's compartment, except for final screwing into place. They ended up replacing the two door jamb capping pieces as they were both battered and had lost their bottom sections due to rot. They were pleased to find that reproducing the concave section of one of the capping pieces was easier than thought.

Wednesday at Alton was a bit warmer, but the day promised to be wet ....... and it didn't disappoint!  Mick, Bob, John Q, Pete and Steve gathered to work on the ISO container and the grounded van body (mess cabin) as the weather was "unsuitable" for working on the big crane.  John Q surveyed the cabin assessing what was required to secure the doors on the south side and fitting windows at the ends.  He also patched over a hole in the floor that had constantly threatened to swallow chair legs!
Across the way, in the container, Bob started by clipping the remainder of the cable runs and then helped Mick with the electrics installing a strip light across the rear of the container and a light over the future work bench.
Outside, under the covered area, Steve and Pete started construction of said future work bench ........ after discussion of Mick's design, by cutting the 4" x 4" leg timbers to length, marking out, sawing  and chiselling out halving joints and then screwing the frame together. By the end of the day the London end leg assembly was finished and a start made on the Country end.

Rain came and went throughout and by the end it was getting too dark, so they packed up and headed homewards.
As this will no doubt be the final report for 2017, a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all our viewers. I'm sure in 2018 we can look forward to some more derusting, timber repairs, priming, undercoating, top coating, lettering and numbering etc etc............ to "enthrall" you all again!

Chris Le Corney

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