Watercress Line


With the forecast for Wednesday a bit dicey, it was concentrating all efforts on the next coach roof at Medstead on Tuesday. This was S 3738 and with the usual efforts by the team scraping, sanding, dusting, and applying two coats of roof paint paint, we completed roof No 6. That fairly short sentence sums it up, but it was hard work, especially as several were away on hols this week.
Other works ... Richard and Dave fixed the non-slip matting to the woodworking van steps. John, Richard and Dave removed the tarpaulins from the containers and the Fergie tractor for the freight running at the weekend. John collected some oil from Ropley and put some into the tar wagon axle boxes. 
The old cable drum on the low sided wagon M 460001 had been removed, (with grateful thanks to the P Way gang), and this enabled the ropes to be secured on the remaining cable drum.

Chris and Malcolm started off by filling in the BY S 653 Country End with two more T&G boards to help keep the weather out. They then moved on to stripping out the Town End hoops which were all in poor condition.  
 Finally, they cut out blanks from suitable timber for the replacement hoops and marked them out ready for the band saw next week. Keith cut out and replaced damaged timber from the running side roof above the Guard's Compartment.

Steve and John Q started Wednesday at Alton by looking at the felt covering on the wood store and set on a plan of action to improve the previous fitting works. 

John Q went on to reinforce the larger seat just inside the mess room door for those of a larger frame and, assisted by Steve, cut plywood for storage shelving to the left of the work surface using the new table saw.  John went on to fit same for the storage of tea and coffee etc leaving a space on the floor for heavier items.

Elsewhere, Steve set about gently rubbing down previously primed metalwork on the Dance Hall brake van to provide a key for undercoat.  As it started to rain a bit he brushed down the areas on the London end platform and painted them with undercoat.

John D and Jose were minding the Queen Mary brake van on Saturday brake van, leaving at Medstead Dillon, Chris Rust and later than planned ... Jamie. After hand shunting the Gunpowder van and moving the small scaffold tower out the way, the larger blue scaffold tower was assembled to gain some extra height at the London end of the BY. Dillon angle ground some roof hoop bolts for the Tuesday gang, while Chris and Jamie started scraping the outside. All the bolts, except for the two outer corner ones were removed, as the disk cutter couldn’t get in. 

At lunchtime they decided to leave the BY works and take the opportunity to ride on the Queen Mary brake in the afternoon. By the time they got back to Medstead it was getting late, so just in time to pack up  and head off home.

Very many thanks to all who came along to the sales stand at Medstead, took a yard tour, or indeed enjoyed a ride behind the freight on the Queen Mary brake van.

Chris Le Corney 

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