Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 21st February 2017

Dave V reports from Medstead on Tuesday - a good day. A timber delivery was received, and Ian J and Brian moved the timber down for storage in the woodworking CCT. One long plank was left on the dock for later transportation to Alton.
David T continued with the south side of the workshop PMV and its starting to look a lot better, and Brian fitted the new security light following which he and Richard did some more sorting of stock etc ready for the gala.

Dave, Keith and Ian continued with the SW Tar wagon under tank timbers, and they have at last reached a point where they are happy with the measurements, alignment and planned cutting. The two middle timbers under the tank are ready to fit and they know what is needed to cut out from the end timber. This will be done next week and they will cut the same profile for the other end timber at the same time

Dave cut off several bolts from the country end and a start has been made derusting this. Brian and Dave followed on from the priming and undercoating work the Saturday guys did and undercoated and black top coated the chassis and underneath of the tank where the two inner timber bulks fit. This is now temporarily black ... where the tank sits on the timbers, so it just needed a top coat of something and they had black to hand for the chassis. They will over paint it around the timber bulks silver later. Richard freed up the nuts on the metal strap and greased the threads.

Chris and Malcolm finished cutting to size all the T&G timber for the Alresford end of BY S 653.  They moved the substantial number of off-cuts to the CCT, where they will be available for other jobs as required. They then had a good sweep up and tidy up in the BY.
Early arrivals on Wednesday at Alton, Ray and John B, sorted out a long run cable from the grounded van body down to the headshunt to enable lighting and electrical works at that end of the site.
Clive gamely volunteered to topcoat black the under frame of vanfit B 763661, while John B touched-up the undercoat under the London end. Meanwhile, Ray and John Q removed tarpaulins from the cable drum wagon M 460001 and set about replacing more bits of rotten timber from one of the cable drums. 
Elsewhere, Bob, Steve emptied the ISO container of 'impedimentia' and shifted plywood along so Bob and Mick carried on gluing battens to the roof and installing another rafter and cut and fitted further bracing.  Outside, Ian and Steve tidied up the site around the grounded van body, later joined by John B, bagging up pieces of tarpaulin, old gloves, and other rubbish for later removal.
At lunchtime it started to rain quite heavily so they squeezed into the container to have some grub. When it stopped, they emerged to carry on until the end of the day and re-installed tarpaulins over the cable drum wagon and headed off home.
Many thanks to all our visitors to the Wagon Group sales stand and yard tours at Medstead, which did a steady business over the three days of the Gala. Also 152 passengers were carried on S 56302 the “Queen Mary” brake van on the freight train (or goods train, if you prefer).
Chris Le Corney

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