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Wagon Group Report 21st March 2017

The usual steady progress reported on Tuesday at Medstead. All efforts were concentrated on the SW Tar wagon, apart from Ian Johnson doing more work on the woodworking CCT door locking mechanisms.

On the SW Tar Distilleries tank wagon, Brian, Chris S, John D and Dave continued with the first undercoat. The metal strap and metal end frame are completed as is the chassis itself, apart from one 'W' frame and the wheels and axles. Richard derusted and Vactanned the two horizontal rods, and Ian Johnson managed to loosen the troublesome nut on the south side brake gear, after much hammering and levering.
Chris and Malcolm finished the Country End T&G boarding from the back to the doorway of the running side of BY S 653. It is completed to the same height as the other panels, as they have decided to fit all the final boards in a separate session. They also made a good start on the running side, doorway to Guard's Compartment.


The weather at Alton was good on Wednesday for mid March, and we made similar good progress all round. Mick, Steve, Bob and Adam were busy all day as usual on the ISO container, with the insulation and ply sheeting now installed on the south side door, and preparation advanced on the north side one. Much merriment was had when cutting a ply sheet, as they discovered they had also partly cut through the cutting table at the same time!


On vanfit B 763661, with virtually no breeze ........... I did the lettering and numbering on the sides, which just needs subsequent touching up now. Clive and Roger cleaned off and glossed black the underframe and buffer beams. Finally on low sided M 460001 I black glossed the exterior of the cable drums, and Clive rubbed down and applied a second undercoat to the sides and ends of the wagon. With the good weather we left off the sheets from the wagon ........ although with hindsight and the current rain, it might have been better to leave them on!


On Friday at Medstead some Solent Uni students were doing some filming for their course work, and Richard and John Q kindly agreed to come in and show them round the yard, and be interviewed as to why we restore wagons and what inspires them to do it. Hopefully we will be able to see the results of efforts in due course. 


Later on Friday afternoon and evening there was a “Mad Hants” photo charter with 45379, the big crane DS 1580 and the Queen Mary brake van, of which the Wagon Group kindly received a donation of part of the proceeds. 


Chris Le Corney

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