Watercress Line

Wagon Group Report 21st November

Brian reports from Medstead on Tuesday. A lot warmer than the day before. John D, Kevin, Richard and Brian, with Rob arriving at tea time, complete with his new wooden door for the model railway PMV at Alresford.

Firstly many thanks to Bernie Dench and the P.Way gang for collecting vac pipes and various bits and pieces for BY S 653 from Ropley with the Wickham trolley.

The team walked down to Bennetts siding to look at Palvan B 782114, and as reported the long bolt securing the right hand south side door needed some attention. John D and Kevin took ladders and tools and set about repairing this.

Meanwhile Brian and Richard looked at the zinc covered roof of vanfit B 763661 which was had lifted in certain areas, with some missing and loose bolts. Brian put together various kits of nuts, bolts and washers while Richard opened up the van doors. With John's work done on the first Palvan he came to assist, and between them they replaced missing nuts and bolts as well as fitting some additional ones.

Following the replacement of the OLEO buffers last Saturday on the Cattle van, John and Kevin cleaned the replacements and started to apply Red oxide, until it started to rain that is...

Malcolm and Chris on BY S 653 finished re-boarding the Panel in the country end and primed it. They decided not to replace the re-enforcing double boarding, even though it looked as if it had been there a long time. They didn’t feel it was original as they couldn’t see a need for it, and it might have been part of the rough and ready repair.

They also planed back part of the Guard’s compartment structure which had warped and was scuffing on the sliding door. They are part way in fabricating and fitting new door stop buffers. They propped up the panel, and the photos show the door in open and closed positions.

 Wednesday started a bit damp at Alton, but at least it was not raining. No wind though to dry off dampish paintwork, so first task was to wipe down areas on the crane DS 1580.

A bit more clearing out of the grounded van body and the last shelving was transferred into the ISO container, and Mick and Adrian progressed onwards with the internal ISO electrics.

Roger, John B, Pete, Paul, and myself busied ourselves with mainly undercoating on the crane. This follows the sterling work that mainly John B and Roger have done derusting and priming in ever more difficult to access areas. Black undercoat, makes it look so much better than the grey/green ex MOD undercoat ... even though these areas still need black top coating.


Chris Le Corney

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