Watercress Line


Malcolm and Chris advise from Medstead on Tuesday that they finished the steps to the wood working CCT, but at some later stage a non-slip surface will be added.
Meantime Dave V et al were all keenly awaiting a shunt in the yard for a "carriage roof" swap. Richard Bentley duly obliged around 10:00–10:30, with S 35329 coming in. This they started tackling, after previously taking an early tea break. Peter Cutler was welcomed to the team and along with Brian, David E, John D, Chris S, Richard and Dave V good progress was made with deflaking and sanding from both sides of the scaffolding. 
Wednesday saw some 8 of us that day at Medstead, and we managed to finish off the scraping down, and sanding from the Tuesday gang ... and following brushing down we applied the first coat of roof paint. A late coffee break/ early lunch ensued, by which time the first coat had dried, and the second coat was duly applied.

Jose, Jamie, Hamish and John D were at Medstead on Saturday.  After morning tea and chat, Jose, Hamish and Jamie completed the undercoating on the underneath of the Gunpowder Van, apart from the two London end wheels. John D retrieved Terry bull from the Cattle wagon and after greasing the pole that Terry rests his head on, he was put away in the workshop PMV.

The main part of the day was spent on Fergie Tractor maintenance. John D  bought a heavy duty tractor battery, petrol and jump leads from home.  A fuel leak was found on filling the petrol tank so Jose dismantled the fuel filter assembly and found one of two gaskets was broken. The one good gasket was replaced and the fuel leak was cured.  The tractor fired up on demand and the engine was given a good run.

Jose with the help of Jamie and Hamish then did some minor adjustments to the brake linkages on two of the wagons in the freight, while John D covered the tractor with a tarpaulin and roped it down securely.

A cup of tea followed before calling it a day at 16.00.

Chris Le Corney

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