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Wagon Group Report 24th February

Well it's been a few months since the last report in November, so despite the Covid restrictions on any working since mid December, it's perhaps time for another update...........


Down at Alton the BR Meat van B 870073 has had some minor timber repairs to the sides, and they are now in ali primer stage. The side ventilators are in red oxide, as is the Alresford corrugated end. David Edwards has constructed 4 new doors at home, to replace the existing life expired ones.


To temporarily clear space for engineering vehicles in Bennetts siding (Medstead) the freight rake, which normally resides therein came up to Alton in early December. The "Banana" van B 881711 was sheeted over in advance of rubbing down and repainting this year. One or two other vans were planned to be sheeted over also, but the sheets arrived at the same time as the current Covid restrictions................ 


Pretty well all the fixtures and fittings have been ordered/delivered for the toilet/washroom shed, and the first job on return to work, will be installing the lining and insulation.


Up at Medstead the cattle van S 53845 timber repairs were completed, and this now awaits repainting. Ian Johnson had continued with repairs to the model railway PMV S 1995 - cutting out wasted "T" section steel work on the north side, and welding in replacement. 


LMS vanfit M 520771 north side rotten door was removed. New timbers have been obtained, and Ropley are kindly making up some replacement steel plates which help hold the corners of the door together. Dillon James has taken home the two top door runners, which he has overhauled and repaired. He has also taken home and painted to top coat, the internal wooden roof sections for the "gunpowder" van W 105761. 


A new path and steps was created at the country end of the yard, which replaced a slope and tripping hazards.    


Whilst not of the Wagon Group initiation, expected to arrive a little later this year are a further 8 wagons/parcels vans from the Somerset & Dorset Trust at Washford. SR PMV S 1635 arrived last autumn, and was in use on the Winter Train of Lights. These vehicles will enable a limited length unfitted vintage goods train, and potentially a demonstration parcels train, in conjunction with our existing parcels rated stock.     


We now have our 2021 4mm limited edition model wagons available. These are Sayers & Cox coal wagons of Alton, with a choice of numbers, No 1 or 4. See photo. The wagons are £14 each, or 2 for £27.  We also have a very limited stock of our 2020 wagon left........Halls Brewery of Alton, for the same prices.  These can be obtained initially by post via Keith Ottley, The Vines, Basingstoke Road, Riseley, BERKS RG7 1QD. P&P costs for up to 2 wagons are £5.25 first class. Email for orders/information to Keith Ottley at  james.ottley@yahoo.co.uk. Tel 01189 887624. 


Chris Le Corney

Photo gallery

  • BR Meat van B 870073 at Alton

  • Steps construction at Medstead country end

  • Dillon's homework project part 1, overhauling the door runners on LMS van M 520771.

  • Dillon's homework project part 2, painting the sectioned wooden roof hoops for "Gunpowder" van W 105761. Hope they can work out how to connect the sections........!